Tuesday, March 06, 2012

What the Heck???

So I'm exercising.  Getting that down.  I"m rolling with the exercise.  Eating...well.....I'm trying.  But yesterday I got on the scales (first time in a few days) and saw I had dropped considerable weight.  I jumped on again today....and dropped even more.  It's absolutely insane.  Are my scales going nuts?   Or is it that I'm in a much better state of mind and the weight is just dropping because I'm excited about what I'm doing for myself?   I think our bodies do crazy things like that.....so who knows.     I don't know...but at this rate...holy hangnail...I'd be thin and svelte within a few weeks.  Hardy har har har.  I wish it were that easy. 

This morning I made a breakfast casserole for breakfast.  I toasted some homemade bread to go with it.  I was eating and about halfway through I was like "I'm done"   I'm sad to say that I continued eating it. .....because it was SOOOO tasty.  But then I stopped and said "no, I can make this every freakin' day if I feel like it...it's not a special occasion where I only get this once every 6.5 years"  So I stopped.  I noticed last night that my body was screaming at me that I was done...and I did end up eating a bit more afterward...but did stop before I licked the plate clean.  This is HUGE progress.

Last night zumba was a riot.  I started and immediately my legs felt like dead weight.  Mind over matter though...I kept going.  There are two songs that are particularly brutal on the legs.  The jumping jack song from hell and the galloping song from Gehenna.  I looked at my friend who was beside me and when the jumping jacks kicked in started going "ho ho ho" really loudly with each one.  I was singing and grunting and making all sorts of crazy ass noises....and you know what??????  The song flew by....we were cracking up...but you know what...we did it!  Hopefully my legs will not be so 'heavy' and sore from the get go tonight.  And if they are...well.....I'll push through it and do it.  No question about it.  And if I have to sing.....well by all means, I'll sing.  If I have to make crazy noises to get us laughing, I'll do it.  MIND OVER MATTER!!!