Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Ok….the scoop.   

I started the month at 247.2 (and the year)

Two weeks ago I was 244.  

Last week with the ick and whatever I was at 246 and some change

Today I was at 245.2.


So……a victory for this one week….. with a loss of 0.8

A Victory for the month with a loss of 2 pounds

A fail in that I didn’t recoup last weeks ‘ick’ weigh gain.

A fail in that 2 pounds for the month is NOT MUCH…not to mention that 2 pounds for two months is worse!


What gets me is that I am a creature of habit….I eat pretty much the exact same thing week in and week out. (That will change some when we move…especially since Jason is seriously talking about reviving his plan to start juicing…for breakfast and lunch….and then a normal dinner…which will be healthier since we will be eating at home and cooking versus going out….and yes we are excited about it!)  But back to the creature of habit.  I ate the same to things for those first two weeks that I ate the last two weeks.  It’s NUTS!  But then who said that weight loss efforts were sane and full of common sense!


But I’m not giving up….I will figure out this insanity!

Meanwhile Jason and I continue to pack and purge and prepare for our move!!!  And well...some fun here and there too!!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Feast or famine

So apparently my weight loss results are either feast or famine!    The first two weeks of the month I was killing it on the scales!  I was feeling strong and confident.

And then this week rolled around.  My weight was up on the scales for my official weigh in!   Grrrr! 

My eating was pretty good.  I had my  splurge day on Saturday....but every other day was in line!!!  

  I did eat some heavier sodium foods this week.    My monthly visitor (aka the ick) has arrived.   I haven’t been doing as well with water consumption. 

But I was up!!!   I’m not happy!

Even worse?  Some of my pants are feeling tighter.  What’s up with that???

So I’m just not happy and feeling a bit defeated!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Politically incorrect

I’m a retard!!  That’s all I can say!!!

So the other day I had a fabulous weigh in.  I even wrote that there was some disbelief at the weigh in numbers!    

Let me back track and say that I had done a sneak peek at the scales a day or two before that weigh in and saw the scales down by a pound.   So I was expecting a loss.  But I kinda forgot about that weigh in when I saw the scales on Wednesday morning.

Yet the loss of 5.6 pounds was incredible.  Shock awe and disbelief!

On the way home from work on Wednesday night it just hit me.  Instead of 240.0.  I bet it said 244.0.    I was weighing myself before 5AM so it was  not out of the realm of possibility that I was half asleep, half comatose and just not with it and read it wrong.    

I thought about it the whole drive home.  And then I remembered that sneak peek on the scales that showed me down by about a pound...only a day or two before! Hold the horses....that would mean a 4 pound loss in just a flu that caused vomit, diarrhea and lack of eating either!    It was not looking good for my great weigh in!

So on Thursday I weighed myself 243.2 and this morning (Friday) 243.0. So yeah....I’m going to go with 244.0 as my weight for Wednesday.

Am I disappointed?  No not really.  That is STILL a loss of 1.6 pounds  for the week and 3.2 for the month.   How can I be upset with that???

So yes...welcome to my re-tard moment!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Shock awe and disbelief

I looked! I looked again!  No, it couldn’t be. I stepped off. I turned to walk away. I looked back to read the display One more. Did the scales really say that?

My Boomerang weight or a couple years was right around 238 to 240  pounds. I would lose a few I would gain a few, but right within that range was where I stayed for years. Last year in August I switched jobs. I started walking on my lunch breaks and eating a piece of fruit while I walked. I was still eating candy and snacks but I started to slowly lose weight. Ever so slowly, but I was dropping. With no exercise I was OK with slow and steady. By the end of October to early November I was down about 6- 8 pounds.  Like I said, I was happy. And then life happened. I totally lost control. In a very short time frame, I not only regained those 8 pounds but added another 8 to 10 pounds to my weight. Why yes, I gained just about 20 pounds in less than a month. How embarrassing is that?

I started the year 2018 at 247.2 pounds. I made a vow that that would change. January was kind of trial and error and sadly enough while I showed losses on the scale through the month it was a seesaw on the scales.  So January ended and I was exactly the same as I was at the beginning. Enter February!  I renewed my motivation and vowed to attack it again.  My first Wednesday weigh in showed a 1.6 pound loss with my weight being 245.6.   That was happy news. So I kept doing the same thing I did that previous week. I stuck with the granola bar for breakfast, the fruit and vegetables for lunch along with either pretzels or a 100 calorie pack and for dinner I ate whatever I wanted ...with in reason. Dinner was anything from pizza, subs, chicken tenders.  Whatever. No deprivation… I still ate my sweet treat on the weekends and while I tracked, it was not something I did as a militant regime… But rather something that I did just to have a guideline of what I was eating.

It worked, even better on week two. When I kept looking at the scale this morning and when I turned back to look at the readout one more time, I did it in shock,  happiness and disbelief. 240 pounds. That is a loss of 5.6 pounds for the past week and brings my total loss for the year (February really) to a grand total of 7.2 pounds.

I am back to the boomerang weight!   I’m not sitting way far above it anymore!   Now to squash that weight and see the boomerang weight for the last time ever!

I’m actually a little afraid to get back on the scales because of the disbelief.

Finally! Finally, I may have found the magic equation for me to lose weight at this time and point in my life. What worked before stopped working and I was beating my head against the wall getting nowhere. It wasn’t until I sat back and said I want this and I’m willing to change my methods that I started seeing results.  I had to stop feeling sorry and make the changes necessary!

Furthermore this is once again proof positive that weight is lost in the kitchen and not the gym. Yes I am still climbing the stairs at work… But I’m not doing anything else other than some random walks. It is so bad that it is considered a good day if I make it to 5000 steps on my fit bit. Yet I lost!

I know as I add exercise back in once my life settles down that it will Paul’s an adjustment to my eating again. But I’ve got this!

Monday, February 12, 2018


I’m feeling a little bit proud today! For a couple reasons.

I weighed myself on Saturday  for my midweek check-in and I was down on the scales. Hopefully, that will convey on the official weigh in, which will occur on Wednesday. Last month it didn’t but I’ve got my fingers crossed for this month to be different.

Saturday, we stopped to grab a bite to eat for lunch. At the end of last year, I would order a sandwich and a large fry. In January I did change to a sandwich and a small fry. But yesterday I just got the sandwich. And a real funny thing happened. I was totally satisfied with just the sandwich, I did not miss the fries, I did not lament the fact that I did not get them, I didn’t leave hungry and  I did not feel deprived. Honestly, I felt empowered.  I beat the addiction...even if only for a few minutes!

Saturday night we got the normal pizza and wings that we get every Saturday night.. I had just two pieces of pizza and two small wings. And instead of shoveling the pizza crust into my mouth… I left it. I’m not a big fan of the crust I like the cheesy and saucy  goodness of the pizza...and crust is not saucy cheesy goodness. However, I typically shove the crust down my gullet simply because it’s there....typical addiction behavior.  Not on Saturday!!

I did plan my weekend sweet treat. And I thoroughly enjoyed it. I ate half on Saturday and half on Sunday night.
I’m feeling empowered and ready to face the week.

How awesome is my boyfriend? He has had a handful of service calls in the neighboring communities to where we will be living. He has been scoping out places for me to run! OK and places for him to get a quick ride in in the morning before he goes to work also. But seriously how awesome is that?

So let’s talk about last weeks goals
1.  Climb the stairs at work twice a day. 
2. Get on the bike trainer. 
3. Four bottles of water a day
4.  Track and keep the calorie under my budget.  (The budget is set for me to lose 1 pound a week..cuz slow and steady wins the race!)

So how did I do???

As an average I did the steps twice a day. There was one day I did it three times but one day only did it once and there were two days where I actually did two or three flights more than my floor.

Water… I hit four bottles about half of the time I think that was two or three days and the rest of the days I managed three bottles of water.

The bike trainer… Not once. Better look this week? I got sidetracked every evening. I am so tired at night by the time I get home that I really only have half hour maybe an hour before I drop off to sleep. I have a move coming up in seven weeks. Every night I’m taking 30 to 40 minutes of that precious time I have available, And using it to pack and purge and clean. I know I still need to get on the bike. 

Tracking....and under budget.  Absolutely!!!

So what are the goals for this week?  Pretty much the same water, stairs, bike and yes,  I’m continuing to track my food.

Wednesday, February 07, 2018


I am feeling pretty empowered right now.  Somehow, probably due to my lack of a backbone and utterly no control; I ended up with a Wendy’s Frosty in my possession on Sunday night.   I actually, miraculously exhibited self control.   

On Sunday night we had spicy Cajun food for dinner and a frosty sounded good.  I got home on and took about two or three bites and was too stuffed to comfortably continue.  So I put it in the freezer.  On Monday night I actually pulled it out of the freezer..but then I realized I was full.  Back into the freezer it went without even a single bite.   Tuesday night came and went and it didn’t even come out of the freezer.  Now Wednesday morning and that frosty is STILL in the freezer.   What a huge victory!!!!

Now let’s make this clear, I’m not saying that I won’t eat that Frosty tonight..or tomorrow...or sometime soon.  I’m saying that the victory is in the fact that I listened to my body and choose to NOT have it when my body was already full.   For me, that is huge!  I typically keep eating and eating and eating because ‘it’s there’. And because ‘it’s so good’.    I think I just won a round in my war against my food addiction!!!

So today was my weigh in day...I was down two pounds from my high of last Wednesday.   Thank heavens!!!!  I feel more empowered with seeing I’m ready to keep going with what I’m doing.

I’ve tracked...and my calories are in line with where they need to be to lose at least one pound a week.

Yes my weekend was over in the caloric budget, but that is my balance.  I’m not worried about the weekends as much because I know with the weekends of allowing myself to indulge a bit that I won’t feel as deprived...and when I do allow myself to have something later down the line it won’t be such a rush of bliss that I will lose control.

And meanwhile in everyday life.   This week at work has been nuts!  It’s been busy....there have computer issues. (My computer only) and snow...and just plain craziness!      Last night I started on the next phase of the purge and pack.  Clothes in the one dresser were on the chopping block.  I have packed things that are a wee bit tight.   You know, the things that get pushed to the back/bottom and you forget about!    I threw away one or two thinngs that had tiny holes or stains.  And I added to the goodwill pile!   I am so tired in the evening after my long day of work and commute that I plan on doing 20-30 minutes each night.   It will mean that my living space will be in a constant state of messiness...but that also means that I won’t be staying up until midnight the week before we move and/or carting stuff that I no longer want or need.

So progress all the way around. Progress toward moving.  Progress on the scales.  Progress in the war against my food addiction.   And best of all...progress in this work week...cuz it’s hump day...halfway to the weekend!!!

Monday, February 05, 2018

Exciting Changes

I am going small .....weekly goals!

1.  Stairs at work at least from lobby to my floor,  2 times a day at work.
2.  Bike least twice
3.  Calories in check and tracked for every day
4.  Water water least four bottles a day

All doable...

 Back to work after a nice weekend.....ok it was a bit icy....but I still had a great weekend!  And honestly, I can’t stop grinning from ear to ear!


We went apartment hunting!  Ok we have been apartment hunting for a while...but we went to look at one that we were both totally interested in!

Yup...this is the apartment we are looking at (or one like it)

It is on our price range, has a full size washer and dryer, a second bedroom/den (also known as the bike bedroom), and is in the location that we wanted.  (we would have liked closer to my work but that 20 miles is sour 300-400 bucks different a month....and a smaller 20 miles from my work and about 2 from Jason’s)

We had already talked that we would prefer a top floor....and preferably not staring out over the parking lot.  But this place we were looking at doesn’t get this size open too often apparently.  The first available was for the end of March.  (After that I think one in April), so we knew we would take whatever and not be took picky. 

So the place available at the end of March? 
**Top floor...yay
**back of building overlooking ‘green space’...yay
**upgraded unit with new appliance and kitchen....yay
**minute away from 270...the main road to my work..and in the zone we wanted to be in...yay
**cats accepted.....yay

We filled out our application on Saturday.  And by Sunday they had notified us that we got it and it was being held for us...hold fee hasbeen paid.    We are moving Easter weekend!

There are really nice neighborhoods right across the street ....a 5 mike trail down the road in one direction...a park down the road in another direction.....lots of places to run!!!  (And a 24 hour fitness room in the complex)

We are ready and excited to clean up our eating!   

We are excited!

We are also experiencing some of that ‘wow our relationship is changing big time’ nerves.  But we haven’t rushed into this at all!  We will be about 2.5 years into our relationship by the time we move.  So I know we will be fine.  But it’s exciting and scary all the same!

Friday, February 02, 2018


Ok my first of February post is on the second...what if it???  Hahaha

And that darn groundhog needs to be shot...who wants another 6 weeks of winter??

January was a bummer in the end.  My weight loss was non existent.    

Well...weight loss was a bummer....Jason and I had a great month hiking and antiquing and enjoying life together!

So on to February.   In personal matters...Jason and I are hot on the trail of an apartment...we are going to look at it tomorrow.  We have some hiking plans and if the weather is nice...biking.   If we like the apartment and get it, we won’t be moving until the end of March /beginning of April.   So the months will be spent purging, cleaning and packing.  (Jason has driven through the area and looked at the apartment...he says it is awesome and he says the area is safe...which means I should be able to start running again...especially with cutting 1.5-2 hours off my commute (between the morning and afternoon it’s 1.5 to 3 hours). 

In weight loss I have not given up.  I am watching my calories...trying to limit my carbs (my nemesis) and being as active as my current schedule allows.
I have been walking the steps at work...

I am also still tracking.   I’m going to win this battle...this war if it’s the last thing I do!!!