Monday, November 28, 2016


So at the end of October I sat down and thought about my goals for running for November.  I knew that with a vacation and with the holiday that my running would be limited.  So I set my goal at 20 miles for the month.

Well, the month is just about over......and how did I do?

Well as of this moment  with two days left, I am sitting at just over 10 miles run for the month.  Yeah, if I ran like the wind and ran like the engergizer bunny for the next two days I could possibly make it.  But being realistic, that's not going to happen.  Running 2 milers has been a difficult and arduous task for me this month.  So while I may (and hopefully will) get in at least one more run this month, I can safely and correctly call this goal blown up.

So where does the success come from?   I pulled out my one bike on Thanksgiving day...and as I wrote about in that post, I rode on Thanksgiving day.   Where the success comes from?  I also rode on Friday, Saturday AND Sunday!    I've ridden about 50-55 miles.  Not a ton of miles...but for someone that hasn't been on a bike in a few years it's a lot!   

And let me butt ached terribly!   You don't think about those little bones until you start riding after a long hiatus!  Oh and my thighs ache from riding. And lets not forget the calves from running because that has been painful of late too!   And who know that biking would make my back (between my shoulder blades) achy and tense. 

I have continued on with eating a bit more healthily.  It hasn't been perfect by a long shot.  But I have at least managed to stay under my calorie goal....if I include my earned calories from these bike rides and runs.   The biggest victory eating has included more veggies and fruits!  That's a huge step in the right direction!

So today I sit here at work and I ACHE!   It was an active 4 days...runs, walks and bike rides.   I plan on keeping pushing.....the aches will disappear and hopefully it will all get 'easier' again!

And some fun pictures.....

This picture was taken on was cold and drizzly rainy.....but Jason still had the umph in him to stick out his tongue at the camera.

A ride up in Paw Paw and a trip through the tunnel (twice)

We need a selfie with the bikes right?