Tuesday, April 22, 2014

And the foot bone's connected to the....

Happiness....what is it really?

It's elusive.  It's fleeting.   It's kinda lacking in my life. I have moments of happiness, but for the most part I'm unhappy with how my life is playing out.  For various reasons I feel or actually am boxed in, unable to change the path that I'm on.  It's like a roller coaster....I got on and I can't get off until the ride is done.  (I love roller coasters...but not this one called life!)

I pray for happiness. I try to figure out what would bring me happiness.  I want happiness.  But it's hiding from me.

The bigger problem?   Happiness plays a HUGE role in my weight loss efforts.  When I have a handle on things my weight loss goes so much better.  Case in point...early last year I had a handle.....and I was losing.  My world imploded and happiness fled and I started to gain.  Luckily I have stopped the gain but I am struggling with losing more.

To make matters worse...the lack of progress in my weight loss efforts contributes to the unhappiness.

So you see, it is all interconnected.

I don't know how to fix it.  But I am just going to march onward and hope and pray for a change!