Friday, January 03, 2014

Have a go won't be sorry!

I really don't have much to say other than BRRR it's cold outside.  It reminds me of my Junior (or maybe it was Junior) year or college.  It got bitterly cold that year something like way below zero. (Yes, I'm very technical with my 'way below zero' comment).   I SHOULD be running tomorrow morning.'s dang cold out there.  And the road I live on is still trecherous.  So bitter cold and icy road make a combination that I'm not going to attempt.  Call me wimpy.....but it just isn't gonna happen!   I guess I'll be on the exercise bike. The problem with my exercise bike?  The timer doesn't work...nor does the display that tells me how far I've pedaled....but hey, at least I can change the resistance!  How I'm keeping track for my mileage goals?  I know round about what I do currently when I push myself and what I do if I'm taking it yeah, I'm guesstimating.

My food is pretty well on target.  It's been difficult some days.  (yeah, I know, it's only been three days)  I literally had the chocolate covered pretzels open and my hand was hovering over the treat before I came to my senses.  Yes, I came to my sense and closed the candy without even having a sniff of the chocolate!  And it was Dark chocolate which I LOVE!  With SPrinkles!   VICTORY!

I was talking to my manager at work today and I mentioned my victory and she looked at me and said "I was kinda disappointed that you didn't do what you did last year"   I remarked that I was trying to go with straight up willpower to resist.   She looked at me and said "what you did last year was really helpful."  So here is last years project.

In case you can't tell what I did?  I took small post it notes and broke down exactly how many calories were in each individual piece.  I made it more in my face exactly how many calories I would be consuming if I ate the candy.    When my other co-worker heard the conversation she said "YES, please do!  My husband and I just bought a boat and I'll be out on the river all summer in a bikini!"    So my first task at work tomorrow will be to label the huge piles of goodies!

So today was my first official weigh in for the year 2014.  231.6   GRRRR   That is so not a number I wanted to see again.  But it's my number.  I accept it.  I accept it for the work that it took me to get there from my highest weight of 315.  But equally importantly, I accept it for the failure that brought me back up to 231.6.   I accept it and I am committed to never seeing that number again!  NEVER!

LOVED my brothers post on Facebook.......and why yes, I did share his name and not white it out...there is a reason....  but the post....  THIS is how I want to be when I get this weight off!!!!  I would love to be able to eat with impunity.....and I guess if I have to log 5200 miles on a bike to do it.....well.....

So why did I openly share my brothers name????   Because my brother builds the most FABULOUS furniture!!  I'm lucky enough that I have picked up some of his pieces simply because I'm his sister but he does sell various items that he's designed.   He sells under his own name  Alan Clingan Furniture (hey we like our last name...even though it's now my maiden name...I still kept it as part of my name!) and has a website with a cool portfolio....and also has pictures of  different stuff on facebook.  Check him out.  He's  pretty cool guy also!  (and no, he hasn't paid me to say nice things about hims since we were kids ha ha ha)  Seriously...go look!