Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Weekly Official Report

Went to a weight watcher meeting last night. I only showed a loss of .8 pounds. I shouldn't say only...becuase a loss is a loss. This puts me at 183.6. For the first time in AGES, the weight watchers scales actually weighed me .4 pounds higher than my home weight. NORMALLY, the weight watchers scales peg me at about a pound less than my home weight...so that is what is disappointing. Ahh well. Like I said...a loss is a loss.

The other thing....I'm losing weight that I have already lost. That is getting old. I'm actually at the same weight right now...that I was at last November! I'm also about 4 pounds from my lowest ever weight. At least I'm no longer 10 pounds above that low weight...but still....I"m higher! The weird thing...my clothes are fitting looser than they fit last November! My Levi Jeans are postively loose on me.....as in I can take them off without unbuttoning or unzipping them. I'm always yanking them up when I wear them. :-) I'm sure that looks a site.

I should be doing something productive here around the house. I have painting to do (the back porch...the wood is a bit water logged so I couldn't paint that...but the alum siding I could be working on) ...the kitchen floor is in desparate need of a mopping. The house needs vacumned. I could scrub out the toilets and be ahead of the game for my weekly Wednesday cleaning. BUT, here I sit on my computer. Being a total bum! We did go to town this morning to get the two pieces of wood to finish up the back porch deck (nope...I claim no responsibility for miscalculating when we bought....personally I think they didn't send the right number...tee hee hee) We had to get another box of screws. I got another honeysuckle plant/bush for the yard. WEEEEE I love honeysuckle! I ran into Martins to get milk...and we ran into Sam's to get a big bag of chicken. (todd uses it for fajitas and his lunches). Exciting stuff I know!

Speaking of yummy smelling honeysuckle. The lilac's are coming! They smell SOOOO good! I can't wait till they are actually fully out so I can put some in the house. I only wish that they woudl last longer than they do. It seems as if lilac's are out for just a day or two before they are gone for another year. Oh well.

I also need to get a little mileage in. My weekly minimum is 25 miles. I've got in 24.61 miles. SO pretty much anything would suffice. I'll probably aim for my normal 25-30 minute ride tonight though. Maybe I'll jog a bit when I get home. Even my 2 mile jog would get me there!