Saturday, April 03, 2021

My week

This weekly weigh in is going to be a bit different.   Normally I would come on and tell you how much weight I lost and either celebrate or commiserate.  But that’s not what I’m going to do this week.   Ok...maybe I will do it a bit!   But seriously. This post is more about the discussion of my changes and how I am doing!!! I don’t have an official weigh in today.  Because I was so very vague the last few weeks with my numbers.  But let me tell you, it was bad!   It sparked me to really step back and take stock  of where I am, what I’m doing, where I want to be.  All sorts of things like that.   When I say it was was really bad.   As in it was so bad that I was back at 247 pounds!  That was my all time covid high that made me realize that I have to stop the covid gain!   I started to make the changes in my eating and switched to my plan of simply 5 fruits and veggies at bare minimum about two weeks ago! Immediately I started to see the drop in my weight.  What a relief!!!   I am so happy to announce that I managed to end the month of March at almost the same weight that I started the month.  I actually ended 0.4 pounds lower.  I’ll take that half pound loss!  My plan was working!!

Eating the higher quantity of fruits and veggies has been pretty easy.  I typically eat a banana mid morning (one I share with kiwi). And admittedly I many times have some peanut butter with that banana.

Then at lunch I have been trying to have at least two to three servings of vegetables and then one more fruit (usually grapes which I nibble on whilst at my compete at work!).  I am not concerned about making sure that my vegetables are raw and prepared in the healthiest natural way.   I have had broccoli salad, (Mayo and sugar in the dressing) and broccoli casserole, Harvard beets.   The emphasis is that I am eating vegetables....fueling my body correctly!

For dinner I prepare normal food.  I don’t try to shy away from any food group, use diet substitutes (fat free or low cal). or plan low calorie meals.  We have meat...whatever we want.  

I do try to make sure that my calories are between 1400-1500 calories...but honestly it’s not taking any real work.  The veggies keep my calories low naturally!

I have indulged in something sweet each and every day though!    Each night maybe a half hour after dinner, I head to the candy jar and I have ONE piece of hard candy.  It’s working for me!!!!  And yes, I can it my dessert!  

It is working for me...and working well!  I honestly don’t feel deprived and I’m actually eating more food and the veggies fill me up so I’m not even remotely tempted to eat the pretzels...chips...etc that are in the house (I refuse to make Jason give up his snacks just because I have a weight issue....although he has told me that he would if I want!). I need to learn to manage life with the temptations!   And surprisingly I have not been tempted.  I think it’s because my body is getting the nutrients it needs ...I’m properly fueled!!!

So I am doing well.  I nailed last weekend...and while I wrote this it is Saturday morning....but I’m determined to nail this weekend also...even Easter Sunday lunch!  I got this!!!