Thursday, April 20, 2023


​I am sore!    Is it sympathy pains or is it real soreness!  I don’t know but I’m cranking up the yoga!! 

Jason has been struggling with a shoulder pain that extends down his arm a bit.  He has been miserable.  It seems to be slowly getting better…but it’s been a long haul for him.   I swear, the guy can’t get a break.  First his foot and the great axe accident in October that brought mo the of pain and now this.  I knew it was bad when he said ‘I’m going to urgent care’.  He has a huge aversion to doctors!   So I’ve been worried about that.  But in the midst of talking to him he mentioned pinched nerve and I was like ‘oh, remember when I got that and it totally messed up my arm?’.    The urgent care told me it was a pinched nerve.  I struggled with it for a while and found that the best ‘medicine’ wasn’t medicine at all but movement…specifically yoga is what helped!   I did yoga religiously for a while…but then slipped up and stopped doing it quite so regularly.  So I recommended yoga to him. I’m 

The problem started a few days later when my arm started acting up….reminiscent of that pinched nerve pain.  Really?   I didn’t even want to mention it because it feels like I was trying to be an attention whore!   But honestly….I was struggling.  So I took my own advice and started doing yoga!

Then a few days later my trapezius muscle on the OTHER side of my back started to tighten up!  I had issues with that in the past also!   In the past the medical professionals had told me that I had a seized muscle in my back.  That pain was now back.   Really?  What is happening to me?

So I honestly half way have wondered if I am having sympathy pains.  But then again, I know that it’s real pain.   What sparked it?  It could be trying to corral a 70 pound puppy.  It could be the immense day of yard work that I completed last weekend….which included moving a huge pile of rocks!  Maybe I just slept wrong!   But it doesn’t matter…my upper back is sore!   (Ironically enough it used to always be my lower back that got me….it has moved upward with age!).   So I am still doing my normal exercise stuff…but cutting down the time a bit so that I can fit in a 10 minute quickly yoga session for shoulders neck and upper back!    Fingers crossed that it will help me…and fast!