Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Is it possible to live a life of perfection???  Tonight I was talking to some gals and my zumba instructor.  We were talking about weight, weight gain and maintaining a weight loss.  A few of the gals talked about just simply not having the temptation in the house and simply saying no.  They said they refuse to bake or anything.  This is a great method.  I admire people that can do this. It must be nice.  But is it sustainable?

I know for me it is NOT sustainable.   My manager at work just gave up diet soda.  She and I have talked quite a bit about it.  It's not something she plans on NEVER having again.  She knows that it is not a sustainable goal.  

That is the trick of this whole journey.  Finding a plan that is sustainable yet conducive to losing weight.  For me, saying I will not have sugar or never eat a cookie or even not having more than one slice of pizza is not a viable solution for me.  For me, it is a thing of learning how to manage my eating yet still lose weight.  Is this possible?  I personally think so.  It's just a thing of retraining my mind in how I think about food and I how I approach it!!!

Tuesday was an OK day.  I managed to make it to zumba and even though I had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction (my pants were dragging on the floor and they were making me trip) I was able to push myself and get a good workout.   

A horrible picture of me...I'm in an old oversized sweatshirt that I use for a Halloween costume years ago (I was the twister game). That is Lucy sitting on my shoulder like a parrot!!