Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I was so planned out with my eating yesterday. I knew that dinner was a bit higher, but I accounted for that the rest of the day and I was set. Well, I got home from work and Todd was just getting home from some errends. He was carrying a bag from the ice cream shop. Uggghhhh??? I was like, "we have banana split pie for dessert". He calmly answered...'No we don't...I ate some for lunch, there is still a bit in there". So he stopped at the ice cream shop and picked us up frozen yogurt. (fat free at least). Ok, that wasn't all that bad, I just looked up the numbers...maybe only 1 or 2 points more than the banana split pie. BUT, I fell into the "this yogurt/banana split pie switch has already blown my day" mentaility....so I had two helpings of the baked ziti. I guess it COULD be worse. I did work out in the morning. I worked out on Sunday...and I'm heading to the gym this morning also. Oh yeah, I ate 1/2 of the last piece of banana split pie too.....so there is 2 extra points also!!!! ARRGGHHH

I just put my food for today in my journal and all is well. And as for the banana split pie.....I made another one last night (added a layer of crushed pineapple...we'll see how that is when we have it for dinner tonight.....Todd will probably test it at lunch...haa haa haa)

Sooooo here is the stats for Monday Sept. 28, 2009
35 minutes cardio at the gym
30 minutes strength training at the gym

green beans
chicken broccoli bake
baked ziti --1 1/2 servings (booo hooo...but it tasted really really good)
garlic toast
1/2 piece of banana split pie
fat free frozen yogurt