Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Consistency.   What in the world is that????

Well I can tell you that it's something I've been lacking in my life recently.   I ran on July first.....and did not run again until today, July twenty third.  That is NOT at all consistent.   Luckily I can say that I have been at least marginally active in the interim between those runs.   That would include about 30 miles of walking, at least 5 hours of zumba step (I think I forgot to log one of my classes, but can't remember for sure if I did attend that night), about 20 miles of biking (woefully little) and a few hours of other fun active activities.  So it wasn't a loss.  That said.  I have goals.  I have a time goal that I want to meet and inconsistency in running is NOT going to get me there

Inconsistency in any of this weight loss journey is not going to get me to my goals.  It just doesn't work to eat healthy one day and then eat like a starving pig the next.  It's inconsistent and not beneficial.  Yet, that is what I'm doing!   

So where is the inconsistency in my eating happening?   Lets see on Monday.  I started out really good.  I had my whole day of eating planned. I was on target and perfectly planned.  But then a coworker arrived to work. She works part time with us and part time at chicfila.  Well she came in and brought us the leftover breakfast sandwiches.....why yes, I did have a spicy chicken biscuit.  that can't be too bad can it????   Oh hell....450 calories!   That's a lot of calories to try to fit into a day.  I made some adjustments and I was ok with the changes.  But then late that night I was HUNGRY.  GRRR  Let see, Tuesday. I knew I had to save calories as were were going out to dinner.  I ended up eating crackers at work.  Why?   Well why not?  I was bored!    And then the dinner plans got changed and instead of going where I thought we were going (and what I had planned for) we ended up going elsewhere and I went in without a plan and ended up ordering a dinner....scrumptious...right around 2000 calories scrumptious!  (parmesan crusted chicken, backed sweet potato and salad at Long horn steak house).        Inconsistency!   Inconsistency that is not going to get me where I want to go!  

My food is planned.  And I will NOT eat any of the crackers here at work!  I'm just not going to do it!  Not happening!   

I ran today.  It was a rough run.  I did it in walk run intervals...mostly running thank goodness, but still not what I wanted to be doing at this point.  But hey...I got out there and did it!

Today's running  revelation was two fold.

1.  I ran and figured out that after a run I have do much energy!  This morning after running I made baked ziti to bake for dinner tonight ( and extra for the freezer), vacuumed the house, scoured the stove top (yeah it was looking really bad), did laundry, straightened the house, packed my lunch, packed workout clothes for after work, showered......totally productive....more productive than had I not run for sure!!!

2.  My after run pictures totally show me happy and proud.  :-).  

Just more reason for consistency!!!

Consistency......I will be back out there again...and again...and again.