Monday, May 09, 2016

The line in the sand

This weekend was another awesome one!  Lots of laughter, love and companionship!  What could be better?

We hiked at Shenandoah River State Park.   We ended up doing a lot more miles than we thought we had done.   We felt fine while we were hiking, but when we stopped and sat for a bit in the car we got soooo stiff!   Which just brought more laughter as we made fun of each other as we took the first few steps after sitting for a while!  

The park trails that we were on we fun.  They were really neat also because we found ourselves at one point down by the Shenandoah River, 

but a bit later we were high up and overlooking the Shenandoah River,

and then a bit later we were down in a marshy area on a boardwalk, 

only to go back up!    

 The trails were a great workout in that we would just be starting to say 'dang this climbing is getting old and starting to hurt,and the trail would level out for a bit.   Then we would dip down and awe would start to descend which is totally different muscle use....just when those muscles would start to really scream the trail would level out or start to climb.   Lulled us into a false sense of security maybe in that our muscles never were overworked for long but they certainly got a workout!!!

We also stopped at the Aldie Mill.  We were driving by and saw the sign that said 'Mill open, grinding today!" Of course we stopped!   It was a free tour (I did drop in a donation though because it was a fabulous tour and demonstration!)  Built right around 1804....they still grind (for demonstration and education purposes....finished product not for sale). It was a fabulous find for us!

So that brings me to the actual nuts and bolts of this blog...weight loss...healthy living...and all things pertaining to that.  

On Saturday we stopped to get drinks around 4 or so.  I hadn't eaten lunch and I knew that dinner wouldn't be until much later. I picked up a Reece's Cup to tide me over.   I had the regular size in my hand. (Two cups equaling 210 calories).  But then i switched to the king 420 calories.   And yes I happily ate the whole thing!  (Hey I did offer some to Jason as a good girlfriend should!!).   Fast forward to Sunday...we were on our way and we stopped to get a drink.  I had already eaten something...and I was fine with not getting a snack or anything. Seriously, I was FINE!   Until I saw the Reece's Cups!  My mouth watered at the thought of having that delicious morsel in my mouth!   Yes, I caved and bought it...and ate it!!!    And then I looked at Jason and said 'I'm drawing the line in the sand, no more Reece's cups for a while'.  Because you see....once in start, I want more and more!  Oh yeah, he teased me when we saw Reece's cups in the visitor center at our next stop, asking me if I was sure I didn't want one!  Hahaha. He also said he would not police me...but he would talk to me if he noticed something becoming a problem.   So while he teased me....I know that ultimately I have his support! 

Line in the sand!   I drew the line with diet soda about a month ago...and I have had diet soda three times.   And to me that is a victory!   I don't think anything needs to be forever banned.  But somethings need to only consumed randomly and rarely!   Maybe someday I will get to the point that I can indulge in a Reece's cup once a month and be fine...but for right now, the line is in the sand....not for a while!

Yes...I burned those Reece's cups on our there is that!  But still....eating them is NOT helping me get to my goals!!

So where am I on these goals???  Well I spent the first two to three weeks of April losing weight.  I lost about 7-8 pounds.  I have spent the last two weeks gaining.  About five pounds.   It's totally my fault. 100% my fault!   Bad food choices!!!   

I have been more active though!   Last week I ran 9.52 miles!  I walked about the same distance give or take.  So I wasn't a total sluggard!   (But weight is lost in the kitchen, not the gym!)

So I'm back at it.   The line was drawn in the sand with the Reece's cup....but it goes deeper than Reece's cups!  I have goals and dreams!   I have a reason I want to be thinner.....I have a reason that I want to be fitter.    I have motivation!!!!