Friday, July 24, 2020

Taking my measurements during my Weight loss Journey

I finally broke down and did it!  I took my measurements!   I know, I know…this is so important to do during a weight loss journey!  You don’t have to tell me why I should be doing it, I know!  I actually got on the measure myself bandwagon back at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020!  I was doing great with it!  I was measuring myself every month like clockwork!    And then Covid happened.

Like so many people, my life was turned upside down when our world basically shut down.  I started to work from home, Jason was furloughed.  All of my normal routines were wiped away in one fell stroke.  And I gained.  Oh yes, I gained.  I came clean with that on Monday when I posted the results of my first week and a half.    I have been doing very well thus far with getting back on track.  But I was still nervous with taking my measurements.  Without measurements I could 'pretend' that I didn't look like I had gained almost 20 pounds....RIGHT????

Today I called myself out on my excuses to NOT measure.  Oh they were probably quite valid.  "Who knows where the tape measure is?"   "I don't have time!"  And my personal favorite, "I better wait and film it for youtube!"   Ok, so maybe they weren't at all valid!  OK, ok ok, so they were all me trying to delay the inevitable!   But eventually I just did it  Yup.  I did.

The results weren't that bad.  My legs have actually dropped inches almost everywhere.   My arms and my belly increased and all else remained pretty much the same.  It could have been MUCH worse!

I am glad that I faced the numbers!  I think Jason's words that morning gave me courage.  He touched my chin and said "skinny. You see, like so many people I drop my weight in my face.  I've been thinking that my face looked thinner, but I had been thinking that it was wishful thinking. I guess must be true!   So onward and upward......time to lose some more weight!  Here's to me not only remembering to do it but actually DOING my measurements next month also!!!!!