Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Vicious Fight

I fell and I fell hard yesterday.   It started in the morning at work.   I was hungry....and I knew I had those pesky cheddar pretzel bites in my drawer at work.   Well....they are gone now at least!!!!   

Junk food 1
MaryFran 0

The afternoon rolled around.   I had eaten my lunch but it hadn't hit the spot.    Or maybe I was bored...I don't know.  All I know is that I headed to the snack cabinet at work.  I opened the doors and I peered in.    Why yes...cheese puffs sound delightful!

Junk food 2
MaryFran 0

After I ate those cheese puffs I sat there thinking about the BBQ chips on the cabinet.  Oh yes...I could hear them calling my name!!!!  I caved!

Junk food 3
MaryFran 0

Come on now...all that salty food.  I was drinking water but I wanted I NEEDED something sweet.    I looked over at the counter and there lay a bag of Cadbury Eggs. 

Junk food 4
MaryFran 0

It wasn't pretty.  I'm not proud.   I know I have to clean it up if I want to lose this weight.

I DID order a salad for late dinner. So I guess I ended my day at...

Junk Food 4
MaryFran 1

I was talking to Jason and jokingly told him that he needs to stop me from eating junk food and bad food.    He immediately almost reared back at the suggestion and said 'no way!   I am not falling into that role.  I'm no Hitler and I do not agree with a Nazi regime'.   (Smart boy!)  we laughed some about how in the world he would keep me from eating junk...outlandish ideas that had us cracking up.      But the end result was the same as it has always been for me......this is MY battle to overcome.  He made it clear that he will support me 100% and has reminded me on many occasions that the weight will fall the more long hikes we do.   So he's in my corner...but it is totally MY battle to fight!!!!

So my weekly weigh in....not good.   I glanced at it in disgust and then walked away...and honestly I can't remember the exact numbers......but let's just say a pound or two....I'm not going to dwell on it....I DID fight a battle with salty foods yesterday...and lost.  

My one heel is feeling good...the other blistery heel still aches.   So I haven't been running either!   Grrrrr