Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I must be demented!!!

Today my legs are dead!   This running competition with Jason is kicking my tail end.  (Basically the person that runs the most miles is the winner.....stupidly awesome prizes like kisses and hugs and whatnot...stuff we give anyway!). That boy ran 6.02 miles yesterday...so this morning in 50° weather (I don't mind running in 50°) and in a steady rain (I do mind running in the rain) I went out.  At 6AM!   6AM should be banned forever!  Who in their right mind wants to be up at that hour???  (Ok I like being awake at that hour...nestled in bed with a book!!!!).   My goal was to get outside and at least knock a few miles off.   You see if I'm going to lose I don't want to lose by a landslide!   I want a respectable loss!!!   I knew that if I skipped the run totally that I couldn't recover and make up 6 miles....but I thought to myself...if I run 4....I can maybe make up the two miles on an 'off day'.  So I went.   Once I was out there I wanted to quit after two miles!   (Which is the first natural bail out point in the route I took this morning). But I didn't.   I pushed it and told myself...two more miles then I could bail and go home!   But right around mile 3.5 (shortly after I stepped in a puddle and soaked my foot really bad) I decided to just be a 'bad ass' and go for 5.   I mentally planned an addition to my route and knew it would take me close to 5.5 by the time I got home.    Well once I got that close I added another block or so on...and it said 6.00 miles right as I arrived at my front door.    Now...a sane person would say job well done.   But have I ever been totally sane???    (Remember it's 50° and raining and I just ran 6 miles so I think we all know the answer to that question!).   Yesterday Jason ran and you probably forgot what I said he ran....I will refresh your memory.   6.02.    A flat 6 mile run would leave me still lagging behind!   So I passed my house and ran about 50 feet down the road and then back to the door....making my total mileage 6.05!     Yes I am ahead by 3/100's of a mile!!!   Yeah.   I'm a bit competitive!!!   (Jason is just as much. So this is going to be a hoot)

Exercise I seem to be doing well on....now to just continue to focus on getting the food back in line and then nothing will stop me!!