Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mind games

As I've written a few times in the last few days, I didn't have a stellar week last week.  I ate way out of control.  I admit it..  It is what it's the past and there is nothing to do but to move on.  I'm not happy with it, but I'm  ok with it.   As I also mentioned, my weight was up on my official weigh in day....Friday morning.    Once again, it is what it is.....I may not like it but I need to accept it.

I accept accepted it but also looked deeply at what needed to be done to correct the problem.  I weighed myself and decided immediately what plan of action I would be taking.  Todd asked for Breakfast Pizza that morning.  My recipe is really tasty...but kind of high in calories.  One slice is about 315 calories.  I will freely admit that I have eaten 2 slices and possibly even three before.  OF all things caloric speaking, that's a lot of calories in one meal....almost my whole daily allowance!   I sat down after my weigh in and planned out my food intake for the day.  Dinner, lunch and breakfast.  I planned out exactly how big my serving would be for our dinner meal.  I planned my lunch and I got to breakfast.  I had enough calories for one slice of breakfast pizza and some applesauce.  I made the pizza and served it up.  I served Todd his typical serving of two slices and placed my one piece on my plate.  It was extremely tasty!  I fought the urge...I wanted to stand up and grab another slice of breakfast pizza so bad!  I went round and round in my head. My body was screaming at me that I needed that other slice.  I was still hungry after all!  My mind and my desire to be thin eventually won the battle and I cleaned up breakfast and went on with my morning, even though I was still a bit hungry.   About  an hour later I made a startling realization.  I wasn't remotely hungry.  I hadn't needed that slice of breakfast pizza after all!!!!
I was strict with my calorie budget on Friday and Saturday.  On Saturday that lesson of not needing food that I had convinced myself that I desperately needed was replayed.  My hunger is in m mind. I just need to remind myself that if I plan out my food with thought and care that what I plan to eat is honestly enough for my body!    Easier said than done!

So it's Sunday evening......I rocked Friday.  I rocked Saturday..and why yes, I did actually rock my eating today too! 

I didn't exercise Friday or Saturday but I was active today.  (Although I will admit that I wanted to cancel my morning walk with my friend.....seriously, it was cold out there!  I didn't...nor did she!).  So that's my next order of business....get that exercise back in line.  (ok, so I actually exercised 4 days this last week...that's not bad.)