Saturday, October 18, 2008

Reflections on this eating stuff

You know. After a week of eating , well not the greatest. I was ready to come home and get back to eating better. Better portions and better choices. Now for the really odd thing. It's almost if my body is going through a detox or something. I'm not going to go into sickening details here...but suffice it to say, that things are 'moving'. Almost as if my body wants to purge that all from my system. How interesting that while my mind wants all that yummy food, my body is actually telling me via how I felt after eating it and by it's current actions that it really doesn't like those foods. Looking at it objectively, why would it. Those foods hold little or no nutritional value. It goes back to the thought of actually looking at food as fuel instead of something that you eat solely for taste!

OK, I can't lie though....if I were near an O'Charley's......I'd be really tempted to go get some of their heavenly cinnamon donut dessert thing!

Haven't weighed myself. I'm giving myself a few days to let the water retention and other vacation gluttony effects wear off!

Meanwhile, normal life is keeping me busy. I'm at work, but I'll be rushing home to get my house cleaned and food ready for our get together tonight. My house is a WRECK! I haven't had time to vacuum since coming home..(those cats.....cause me to have to vacuum a heck of a lot!). Not to mention that the kitchen floor is atrocious (apple sauce making the last two nights!) Todd has his list of things to do this morning and he's promised to help this afternoon. :-) Of course this morning got blown away. Yesterday morning he went out and found that his car lights had been left on and his battery was dead. We gave him a jump and all seemed to be well. He used the car throughout the day and all was well. This morning he went out and it wouldn't start again....the lights were off. So something more is happening. We wonder if the battery is just about gone. The alternator in the car is relatively new (OK, a couple years old...but still...). I just left work and went home....he's in my car and he'll pick me up from work. (OK, at least he'd better....he has been known to forget to pick me up in the past!)