Monday, January 20, 2020

Weekly weigh in: rough

So another week in my weight loss journey has passed.   And let me tell some ways it was a rough one! Oh the weather was fantastic and I got some activity but my emotions were a train wreck!

First and foremost let’s talk about activity.   The weather at the beginning of this weight loss week was off the charts awesome!  It was literally high 60’s!   We did our best to get outside as much as possible.  We went for a long hike.

And we went for a long bike ride.

I also walked on some lunch breaks and rode the exercise bike a few times.   So that wasn’t the problem....but it sparked the issue.

I was so sore after my hike...I went home and I literally cried from the aches and pain.  Ok not so much from the aches...but from the pain of the arthritis!   And maybe it wasn’t really the was the utter despair and fear that my arthritis is always good to be this bad.  Sure,   I lost weight before and the pain almost totally went away.  But I was younger. And what if I only had one ‘get out of jail free’ pass.  What if I had once chance to fix it and I did...but then with my regain and current state of unhealthiness I blew it and I am now consigned for a life of pain?  Yeah...despair!

So I struggled with that...but kept moving!  I also kept my calories pretty much in line.  Sure I ate a bit more (as in 100-300 calories over my upper limit) on two days but they were also the days that we hiked for 4 hours and the day that we hiked for 2 hours.  I did good!

So why did the scales jump me up by FOUR pounds overnight!  What?  How frustrating.   So all week I worked to stay on task and I watched those higher numbers!  And by about Wednesday I was done.  I literally stood in the shower one morning and said “ok, I’m tired of all of this. I’m fine being fat!  No more weight loss journey.”  

I didn’t give up.   I stayed the course and on Thursday my weight dropped a bit and by my official weigh in my weigh had returned to exactly where it was last Friday.  So I weeks out a maintain!    And I’m happy with that!  

So this week of my weight loss journey has been an emotional roller coaster.   I have always said that a good portion of this journey is mental and this week the mental portion was struggling.  But I’m still in this game.  I’m still ok this journey.