Friday, May 19, 2017

Purging...the good kind

Lets start with the stats...

Running:  I think I MAY be able to make it to my 20 mile goal for running for this month!  I am at 13.05 miles! I only have to run 7 more miles to make that goal.  That's roughly three 2.3 mile runs!

Mileage for the year.  Well.. I am at just over 100 miles for the month. I need 172 miles to break even for the month of May.  I'm not counting myself out....but I'm starting to wonder.  (Although we are talking about a three day weekend over Memorial day and we are talking about taking our bikes...that would net me some miles)   Either way.....I am not giving up that goal ....I"m still pushing forward.

The other goals for May......shot to smithereens.  I am however trying to get back to tracking.....for me that is instrumental for my success!

So I have run three times this week.  It has been wiping me out.

 My legs are feeling it when I'm done.  But I push on!!!!

I am slow as molasses but I keep pushing on!!!

It's gotten hot outside.....but I keep pushing on!!!!

Yes, I realize that to show improvement, I need to keep pushing on!

Today I stopped for a few minutes to smell the roses.  There is a house I run past that has a ton of rose bushes lining his yard/the sidewalk   They are always full of roses!   It makes me smile when I run by.

I am in the process of a revelation.  That revelation?  It is time to make another purge in my life.  Back in 2015 I purged some friends (and a husband the year before).  It was the best decision for me in all regards.  I decided that I wanted to surround myself with people that wanted the best for me and not people that had their own agenda and wanted to put me down in whatever way.   Since then I became closer to a friend. But in the last year I've come to realize that she is a great friend when her life is going well....but when her life is not going well she becomes jealous of my happiness with Jason and says things to try to plant a seed of discord in my mind.  Discord that could ruin my relationship with Jason were I to dwell on her words.  And these words are nothing but "what if......."   Nope....that is NOT the kind of friend I need.  It's time to purge!

Standing up for myself.....and learning to take care of myself emotionally is just one step toward a healthy me.   The crazy thing?  Realizing this and making this decision to distance myself from this 'toxic friend' has given me power to realize that I can once again take control of my eating and exercise too.