Sunday, March 09, 2014

Birds of a Feather and a fearful finding

I've been thinking a lot about the food that I'm eating.  Am I wrong to approach my lifestyle change by still eating 'anything' I want, just in moderation.  I lost 140 pounds doing just that.  I didn't have pizza everyday.  I did have to manage and limit my bread. I did it all and I honestly did well.  When I wanted to have one of the items I worked it into my schedule.  Last week, I made the brownies in the morning. I KNEW that I would want a piece of brownie that night.  I managed my food all day to allow for my brownie.  This is what worked for me in the past and this is the route I plan to take this go around.   

For me to take food away and put it on the 'extinct' list in my life is just not feasible. I know me.  You say I can't have it and I will move heaven and hell to get it!!!!   I spent some time on my morning walk today talking to my side kick about this.  Her words to me were "it worked for you before and why bother with elimination diets when you don't have health issues that need elimination'.   She is also not doing any elimination diet....not in the strictest sense of the word.  Yes, she's giving up diet soda because of the chemicals.  She's giving up ingredients in food that are un-natural.  She's moving to a natural lifestyle.   So I guess birds of a feather flock together. 

That said, I eat mostly natural and organic foods.  I cook from scratch, so that eliminates much processed foods.  I eat a healthy diet.  I just don't eliminate.  God gave us these foods.  I'm a firm believer that he gave us these NATURAL foods for a reason....and everything, in moderation works together to create a healthy and vibrant lifestyle.
Cravings?   Really?   I honestly don't have cravings.  My binges are usually not based on a craving mentality.  They are usually born from emotions.  Any cravings....I've always said when I'm taking my multivitamins the cravings disappear anyway.  Cravings are our bodies telling us we need if we are getting our proper nutrients...bye bye cravings.  :-)

So as I went through this thought process  I went home and started folding laundry.  Out of my husbands pants pocket fell this packet of Pure Via.  Stevia. You know, we've all seen it.  We've all seen the ads. We've all heard about the product.  I picked it up off the floor where it fell and sat amazed that the package was somewhat intact after going through the washing machine AND dryer!  But as amazing as the package was...there was something that absolutely shocked me to no end!

I opened up the package and poured out the contents.  Holy cow. It poured out onto the surface like I had just poured it from a sugar bowl.  The grains of sugar were pure and unadulterated.  This sugar had been through the clothes washer AND dryer.  What?  It didn't dissolve in water??????   It didn't melt in the heat of the dryer?????     How can this be??????   OH wait....that's right.  While they say it's 'natural' there is something intrinsically wrong with this picture.  VERY wrong.  I think I'll stick with straight up sugar...because, oh wait.....that's natural too...but at least I know that organic sugar melts and dissolves in my gut!

I got out hiking yesterday and I walked with Sherry today.  Ok, so lunch ended up being at Bucca di Beppo.  Yummy Italian.  But my breakfast was really light as was my dinner.  Moderation and management!  

The awesome thing today????   This big boy was just hanging out near our house.  Gorgeous!!!!