Tuesday, November 27, 2007

In the homestretch

I'm in the home stretch as I wait for my weigh in tonight. I'm hoping for a maintain. It will be close. If it happens to be one of those 'friendly' weeks where my weight matches the weight watchers scales, then I'll post a loss. If it's pretty close to last week in comparison, then I'll be ok and have a maintain or close to it. However, if it's one of those terrible weeks where the scales at the meeting weigh me higher than my home scales...then oops, I'm in trouble! It seems as if my home scales are pretty solid...but the meeting scales flucuate. Makes no sense!

Tomorrow night I accepted a mystery shopper position. So that means that Todd and I will be eating out. Yeah, we'll have to pay up front...but we will be reimbursed plus a bonus for doing it. It's always a bit fun to do a mystery shop. :-) I'll try to order and eat wisely!

Right now...I'm hungry! However, I don't eat until after my weigh in. I get off at 6:15...and I'll run to my meeting.....the meeting is at 7PM. I'll get home between 8 and 8:30. I do have a little snack to eat after I weigh in. I'm not starving hungry thank goodness. I've actually not been starving hungry much! That is totally awesome! I was talking to a co-worker and we were talking about how when we eat healthy it seems as if we are eating so much more food! It's crazy! When I'd pack my lunch in the past, the lunchbox would be partially full. NOW my lunch box seems to be bulging with food. What's up with that???????

We were also talking today...and it reminded me of my discovery about this food addiction that i have. It reminded me of the experience I had recently where I tasted something that was heavenly tasting. So I went back and ate more....trying to recapture that rapture...that orgasmic first bite feel. The second helping didn't help...but I still wanted that feeling...so I went back again. It took me three times (and it was CAKE) until I realized that i was looking for that "first' high you get after eating something. And that can't be recaptured in the same setting! ADDICTION!

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