Monday, April 17, 2017

Monday blues

I've got the Monday blues....bad!!!!  We went to the ocean again this past weekend.   It was sooooooo difficult to come home!!!!!   I have some pictures but most  are on my good camera and I do not have access at the moment so this will not be heavy photo post.

We decided to not take our bikes this weekend.   We absolutely loved riding on the boardwalk and in the beach last month...
....but  decided that we wanted to explore on foot and also not have to worry about the bikes this visit.

We left early afternoon on Friday when I got off of work and arrived around 5 or 6 (it's a four hour drive).   We checked into our hotel and headed out on foot.   We walked for a while and checked out a few things before heading back to our hotel to enjoy the beauty of the beach (and the happenings on the boardwalk) from our balcony.  (Yes we were ocean front and our hotel was right on the boardwalk.). A perfect night.  And a perfect moon!!!!!  The picture on my phone doesn't do it justice!! It looked like the moonlight was shining straight up to us!

Saturday we walked....and walked ...and walked some more!  I actually had my largest step day (since I got my Fitbit at least!!).   We walked on the beach.  We walked on the roads. We walked the length of the boardwalk...a couple times.    We also spent some time on the balcony in the morning, and evening watching the kite board guy flipping around out on the waves, looking for dolphins and just enjoying the peaceful sounds of the crashing waves!

We also checked out the haunted house ride... cheesy but fun.
  Sunday was more walking!!!!   We also managed to play a few rounds of mini golf.  (Two different locations...because why not?)

I had made up my mind late last week that I had knock my calories down further than I have been.  Something had to change.  I also knew that I was going to be at the beach and that at least one of our meals would include Thrasher's fries (boardwalk style...handcut fries)....and who knows what else!!!   I decided to roll with it and not worry about cutting the calories until the weekend was behind me. 

Furthermore while I was there I decided to not even count my calories over the weekend!!!!  

But this morning I had second thoughts and entered in my food into my fitness pal, And wow....I'm shocked!!!   


And we walked over 20 miles!  (11 on Saturday....the other days were 5....which isn't bad since we were also in the car 4 hours on those days!!)

I did splurge.  We got cinnamon buns....I ate half.   I downsized my ice cream also!!!

On Sunday I chose a salad for my lunch.   I ordered it mainly because it was a seafood oriented dining establishment and the options for a non seafood water was more limited.  After I ordered it I noticed a special in the menu and lamented about the loss of the chicken cordon blue and French fry special.   But you know what?  The salad was good.   I walked away and said 'well that gives me room for a boardwalk treat...something like a fried Twinkie or a fried Reece's cup'.  But I didn't partake in anything fried.   I actually bought some chocolate covered strawberries!!!!  And they were delicious!!!!!

And my weight this morning reflected my better choices....and the walking!!!