Thursday, August 19, 2010


Life...Stop already. I'm done!

I'm tired of the stress, the worries that have been weighing me down. Then yesterday we recieve a letter from the Cancer Center at our local hospital. It was addressed to my husband and asked him to fill out a form about his health for the tumor registry. What? Ohh they must have made a mistake and gotten his information from the 'family of cancer patients' file. We've received stuff from them after his mother passed away from I figured they got their wires crossed somewhere. But we thought we would call to let them know of this collosal error. I mean, you don't send out letters to survivors of cancer to people that have never had cancer. So we called.....and the lady that answered the phone was very nice....but she quickly set us straight and rattled off the date and test that todd had (one of many...but apparently THE ONE) of a test where they found and removed small cancerous rumor. A carcinoid to be exact..... We knew they saw some polyps...and that they would call us if anything was wrong...but we never got a call...we never heard the "C" word. YIKES! So since everything was fine with that test...and with a battery of other tests that he went through, we stopped going to the doctor. We always wondered why the doctor was concerned....but he was so vague...that's all he would say "I'm very concerned". But all the tests were we never understood! So fast forward 4 almost 5 years down the road...and we find out that indeed they removed a cancerous tumor. The GOOD news..and yes, indeed there is good news. To treat a carcinoid, the doctor removes the carcinoid and that is the end of the if indeed it was removed, all should be ok. The bad news........follow up visits and tests to monitor were/are required and highly recommended. We had none of that. So waht has happened in the last 5 years? Yes, we are finding a NEW doctor. And yes, we will be going to the doctor ASAP. Sooo not cool.

To top it off......our phone and internet was out I called to work to let them know that i was waiting for the repair man and thus had to take time. I got read the riot act for needing to take a personal day. Hello....this is not time I've had to take time for some emergency...and I'm laid low for it. This is getting old! they did get here and fix our cable (internet and phone) and I actually made it to work ontime...but if I didn't know that I'll probably be needing time off to take todd to doctors and tests (some of those tests I know he won't be allowed to drive afterward) I would have stayed home the rest of the day....but I'll make wise use of my benefit time that's left.

Forgot to weigh myself in the hustle and bustle of life this morning.....blech