Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I pity the fool challenge we are at the end of the Love Bites Challenge.   That was a seven week challenge that began at Christmas.   I can happily say that I have lost during the Love Bites Challenge.    I weighed in at 231.8   A whole whopping 2.2 pounds lost.    Hey, it's better than none!   So I was about 11.8 pounds shy of reaching my goal.    I refuse to look at this last challenge as a failure!  A failure would have been if I had GAINED weight.  (and let me tell you....I don't know how I didn't at some points!)

So up next?   The "I ain't no fool"  challenge.   Yes, I struggle using the word ain't.  It's never been a vocabulary word that I found acceptable.  "Ain't ain't a word and I ain't gonna use it!"   The other week I lightly called this next challenge the Foolish Fat Against Fat challenge.     That was just a mouthful and I didn't like it.   Maybe I should make it the "I Pity The Fool"    (if your old enough to remember the TV show A-Team, you will totally get the reference!).    Hmmm...that could be more fun....

Sooooo  "I Pity the Fool"  challenge.   Starts this week....runs the seven weeks until the weigh in before April Fools!  (yeah, makes sense now why I have the fools thing in there doesn't it!).   7 weeks.....14 pounds!   That will put me at 217.8 pounds.  Totally doable!    (hmmm...and that said...if I can make it to 217.8 by April Fools.....the next 'holiday' would be memorial day...and I think that is about 9 weeks after Aprils fools.....9 x 2 is 18 pounds......could I really be at 200 pounds by memorial day????   Holy cow, YES!   My word...and then i would simply be 20 pounds from my lowest ever adult weight!!!!).

No fiddling around.  This is it!  My blinders are on....this just got real!   I am eating lunch out with a friend today....and we are eating Chinese.  (Remember the other day I turned down Chinese food...I knew that Terri and I were going out to eat somewhere when I crossed off my order, I almost immediately texted her to suggest Chinese......and I'm STILL calling it a victory!)  But I will pound the water to counter act the effects of the delicious Chinese food and I will move on with wise choices this evening....can we say lots of fruits and veggies for me tonight!!!!