Sunday, May 24, 2015

Raise your Hands High!

Raise your hands high but I managed to track everything I ate this week. One night I slipped up and didn't get it into my tracker until the following morning...and there was that one day that I ate at a buffet and kinda struggled with my flagging memory.   Lots of days were OVER.  Yeah, way over.

So, I made it a week.  Yup.  And it didn't kill me.   It didn't kill me at all.  It was pretty easy actually.  I didn't like what I saw some days but you know what?  It's life.

So, next up is calories........I will continue to track my food.   The addition this week?  Calorie count....stay within it!

This will be a really difficult thing...maybe.  You see, I'm going away next weekend for a quick get-a-way to the ocean. eating out and good food.  MMMMMM   There may be a dessert or two involved.

Now....don't think it hasn't escaped me that just like there was a loophole last week that there is a loophole this week.      You see, I didn't say I was going to keep my calories at a certain number.  I'm not saying that I will eat between 1200 to 1300 calories.   I am simply going to keep it within my calorie count.  So therefore, if I go out for pizza one night.....I better run the heck off of my legs to 'pay the price'.  And there my friends is the loophole.......I may have to run every morning, walk every lunch break and hit up zumba each night, but if that's what it takes to keep my calories 'in line...then so be it.    Now the nice part?  I SHOULD be more active at the it should help with the calories....and I was already planning on taking my running clothes to maybe slip in one or two runs.

I've got this...