Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Listen: our bodies are smarter than we think

Christmas is over.  The whirlwind of activity has come to an end.   Yes, I know that the ‘holiday season’ isn’t officially over, we still have New Years.  But we never really do anything for there is no crazy whirlwind associated with that holiday. We will stay home on New Years Eve and I will attempt to make it to the ball dropping!    But that is about it.  Thus, for me the holidays are over!   This holiday season I learned remembered a few things.  I had my eyes opened to the fact that our bodies really do try to tell us what is going on...they really do try to direct us to what they need/crave/want.   We just have to listen.  

There had been an interesting phenomenon happening.  It seems as if every time I have a long weekend that my body shuts down and demands sleep!  What is up with that?  I heed the call and at least relax away the days.  (Annoying though because I don’t want my vacation days to be sucked up by sleep!). This past long Christmas weekend was no different. I took off Christmas Eve, so I had a long weekend.   Saturday I (we) felt sluggish so we sat back and relaxed.   I relaxed a lot (as much as I could) amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday.  But on Christmas morning....I woke up, showered and got moving....and ended up sleeping the morning away on the couch.   I felt horrible to waste the morning ...but I have to body was demanding it.  I started to feel it on Christmas after long.   Not totally sick...but not totally well.  My body was asking for sleep and a slow down in activity, because it recognized earlier than I did that something was going on!  

I didn’t do too badly on my eating over Christmas.  I did manage to mostly keep my Christmas challenge . I didn’t do any formal exercise...but I did spend about an hour or two walking  around outside while we played with Jason’s new drone.  I did get a second plate of food...but only of sourkraut which I had somehow missed on my first go round...and sourkraut is non existent in calories and ‘badness’ so I call that a win!    I did not eat until I was stuffed or sick!   I did eat a lot...and my weight is up a bit this morning.  But I navigated it pretty well...I though!   Until wednesday morning at about 4AM when I woke up feeling sick with a bit of an acid reflux problem.   My body tells me when I’ve eaten too much....or the wrong thing!  And it told me!  Not exactly sick to my stomach...but not exactly right!

So maybe my post should have been entitled no mans land between not exactly sick and not exactly healthy!

Regardless....I have listened to my body.  I am pattering my actions after what it had told me.   I woke up today (Wednesday)  and when I packed my lunch for work, I packed fruit and some cheese.  Nothing heavy....but packed with nutrients!!!  

I have sat up and taken notice!   Changes are happening!!!

I will leave you with my new bling!  A cool promise ring....and from hints I get I don’t think the next ring will be too far behind.....maybe (apparently it will compliment what is coming my way...which he, I believe may be making payments on)! Sorry for the not so great picture...I also burned that hand this weekend so it was/is near impossible to get a picture of the ring without a burned up and blistered hand, and especially with a hand that wasn’t stiff and unnatural (Thank heavens I didn’t burn that finger, how awful that would have been to be gifted a ring that I couldn’t wear!!!)

Listen to your is smarter than you think!  It DOES tell us when we need sleep, rest, healthy food, and to lay off food!  We just have to be willing to listen!!!!