Monday, July 26, 2021

Week 4 of the 12 week Challenge

 I am trucking along on this 12 week challenge.   This week could have been a total disaster.  I gained last week and that is typically a precursor to disaster!  But this week I said, I'm not going to let it derail me.

Yes, typically after a bad weigh in my mind starts screaming at me and telling me to give up, it's not working!   I mean, that is the natural inclination isn't it?   I can't be the only one can I?   But yes, when the going gets tough, the weight loss plans get going.    But after last weeks weigh in I sat back and I talked to myself long and hard.  I KNOW that this 12 week challenge that I am doing is a good one.  I know that this 12 week challenge is worth the effort.  I know that my motivation is well deserved and worthwhile.  I know that what I am doing is RIGHT for my body.

So, when I showed a gain, I didn't stumble even one bit.  I just moved on and kept going in the right direction.  I didn't let that number on the scale derail me.  I didn't let it cause me to go into a tailspin of cookies, cake and potato chips.  I continued to count my calories.  I continued to exercise.  I continued to take the steps to fuel my body with nutritious food.   I stayed the course because through trial and error I KNOW what my body needs and what it responds to and I knew that what I was doing was/is the right thing for me.

But did it work?    Yes, this week I lost 2.4 pounds!   YAY!!!!

I stayed the course and I had success!!!   This week.....more staying the course!

Monday, July 19, 2021

Week Three of this 12 Week Challenge

 This week wasn't as successful as my first two weeks.   I can honestly say that I still worked the plan, but it just wasn't meant to be.  That's ok too.

I started my weight week gung ho.  I was coming off of two highly successful weeks of weight loss.  I was sure that I could carry on with the success.   I mean, how hard could it be?   It was hard....on Monday I went to eat lunch and opened the refrigerator.  What to eat, what to eat.    I didn't see many options for my normal vegetable lunch so I grabbed......a piece of leftover pizza.   First of all, That was more calories than I wanted to spend on a single item for my lunch.  But secondly, it wasn't exactly choke full of nutrition.   Two strikes against that lunch.

I was able to watch my calories the rest of the day and I didn't blow my calorie count for the day.  But, that day I was a bit higher than normal.  I wasn't worried though.   Friday I went to lunch with my mom and brother and ate more than usual for lunch....and then had my normal Friday night dinner.  So my calories were a bit higher.   Two higher caloric days.  And when I say higher....I mean that I ate 1500-1600 calories TOTAL.  Not 1500 more than my planned caloric goal.  I was only 300 calories over my goal...for two days.  I continued on with my exercise plan.  I did really well.  I'm right on track with my miles.  We even got in a nice long ride on the canal on our bikes!  I'm doing great with my exercises.   Spot on!  Yet.....

This week I showed a gain of 0.6 pounds.  

I won't lie and say that I'm not bothered by it.  It is infuriating.  But I know without a shadow of a doubt that I can say that my calories and my accounting of my food and exercise was and is spot on. I didn't lie to myself.  I didn't 'forget' to count the bites licks and tastes.   I counted everything.  I did what I needed to do.  The scales just weren't with me this time.  And you know what, that's ok!  

I am here to be healthy.  Healthy is what I am doing.   The weight will fall away....sooner or later.  Hopefully sooner!

Monday, July 12, 2021

12 Week Challenge Weigh In Two

Here we are on another Monday morning.   The weekend is gone.  (Boo). The workweek is starting.(Say it ain’t so). My weekly weigh in has come and now it is time to share my week two results.

After last weeks successful results, I headed into this week strong and determined to rock out this week also and to have another nice weigh in.  I knew I could do it. I had a single minded focused.  I was determined!

I had it in the bag, right?    However, early on in the week (like for the first 4 or 5 days) I started to struggle. I surprisingly did not struggle with my motivation, I stayed firm and strong in my convictions and actions. But those numbers on the scale just fluctuated wildly like a pendulum swinging out of control.  It was frustrating and was infuriating.  I didn’t let it get to me!  I stayed strong and I did not deviate from my plan.  I continued on with my plan with little or no deviation.

The weekend came.  I continued onward.  I was so tempted to give up my weekly sweet treat.  But I wanted it and I know (from past experience) that giving it up totally is not a good idea for me because I will eventually cave and it will be in the most spectacular way…..and not in a good way for my weight loss efforts.  I carried on exactly as normal.  I tried to keep my calories low but actually had two days where my calories were up by about 200-300 calories. My weekend weights were looking slightly better, but I was waiting for the shoe to drop. I honestly went to bed on Sunday night and told my self that a gain was expected and that it was ok.  As I was getting ready for bed that night I actually looked on the mirror and said, ‘It’s ok if you gain.  You are eating healthy foods, you are eating in a calorie zone that will have to bring weight loss eventually and you are being physically active so your body is toning up and getting stronger.  Even if the scales don’t show the results, you are on the right path!”

I didn’t want to step on the scales this morning. But I did.  I lost exactly 3 pounds!  I was shocked.  The first time I stepped on the scales it showed me 4 pounds actually.  But, I had been standing on the scales weirdly (more forward than normal) so I weighed myself a second time.  And that showed the pound higher.   I weighed a third time and vowed that I would take whichever weight I received twice (or take the average if I got three different weights)   But I got the exact three pound loss two times in a row (when I was standing on the scales correctly).  Sold!   Sure I would have liked the 4 pounds more, but the three pounds is the honest weight.  (And if the lower weight was actually true, then I just gave myself a head start for next week).  And three pounds is spectacular!!!

This next week is starting and I’m motivated and determined yet again!  Two weeks of really nice success are behind me and I’m ready to make it three.  I’m not changing anything in my plan.  I’m simply planning on continuing the 12 week workout.  Is it simply the calorie count that I am consistently eating?  Or the exercise?  I don’t care what it is…it is just working!  So I’m continuing!!!!

Friday, July 09, 2021

The Towel Gap

I am a daily weigh person.  It drives me crazy if I don’t know what I weigh.  I panic.   But sometimes daily weigh ins throws me for a loop when the scales don’t do what I expect.   And when that happens I have to remember to shift my focus!

I started this 12 week challenge and I am determined to see it through.  I’m determined to lose weight and work on my fitness levels.  I’m just plain and simple determined.  The plan is simple…a set or two of basic exercises (lunges, squats, push ups, sit ups, etc)….cardio including interval training, calorie restriction and water consumption.   Pretty simple it seems but the potential for great results is astronomical!    Last week was my first week and I did absolutely fabulous!   I lost almost 4 pounds!  (You can read about that here.)  I was on fire and I headed into my new week confident that I would smash this week also.  (I was realistic and didn’t expect 4 pounds!)

Sadly, the scales have not been doing what I wanted.  My weigh in day is Monday for this challenge.  On Tuesday I was down by one more pound.   On Wednesday I was right back where I was on Monday and the numbers just aren’t dropping.  Or rather, they are dropping but soooo slowly.     I was .4 down from Monday’s weight today (Friday).  

It’s disgusting!  It’s disheartening.  I’m doing the exact same thing that I did last week this week! Water?  Check!  Calories?  Check!  Exercise and Cardio?  Check check!   I’ve done it all!  And it’s been spot on!!   But this week I’m not having the same success!   

I’m telling you…it’s disheartening!   In the past I would waver a bit in my resolve, since it’s not working.  But not this time.  I have vowed to hold steady.  Certainly the scales will eventually be kind and show my efforts!

It wasn’t until I was stepping out of the shower this morning when I realized that in just two weeks I could count a huge non scale victory.    In recent months I have gotten out of the shower and dried off.  I have then wrapped the towel around my body.  And I tug and pull because the towel doesn’t quite meet….yes, I suffered from the towel gap syndrome.    But in the last day or two, the towel gap has not been quite so bad…mostly gone.   Now don’t get my wrong, the towel isn’t wrapping around me with lots of room to spare.  But….the ends are actually meeting and there is no skin showing in that dreaded towel gap.  

Can you lose that many inches so quickly?   Judging from the towel gap I’d say yes, and 1-2 inches!   I am notoriously horrible about measuring myself…so I don’t know for sure.  But I would rather have the non scale victory anyway!

So while the scales may not be showing me my results this week…my body is telling me that I’m doing good!  It’s time to keep pushing forward in spite of the scale results!!!

Tuesday, July 06, 2021

12 Week Challenge / Weigh In Week One

It is finally here!   I can finally post a positive weigh in report!  I feel like it’s been forever since I posted something positive in regards to my weight loss!  And yes, I guess it had been a crazy long time, but today is the day!!!

A week ago I started a 12 Week Challenge.  It is the most simple of plans.  Healthy eating within a calorie goal, cardio that includes interval training, and simple exercise moves (lunges, sit ups, push ups, etc) for some strength training, and healthy amounts of water.  Really it’s that simple.  

I started last Monday.   And immediately I realized that  those ‘simple exercises’ were not quite as simple as I had thought!  They were downright difficult for me because I had let my fitness levels drop so far.  But I didn’t let it deter me.   Each day I pushed myself to compete the exercises.  And it wasn’t easy.  Mentally I didn’t look forward to it because I knew it was going to be a muscle quivering and body ache inducing time.  But I didn’t let up!  I pushed through.   My push ups are modified and can probably be barely construed as a push up…but I  see improvement even within the first week.   My jumping jacks…my knees told me in no uncertain terms that right now it’s not a good thing…so they are modified also.  But I’m out there doing it!  Each day…no other option but to just do it.  Even yesterday…a day off of work I did the work.  My intervals…my exercises and even my miles for the 2021 challenge.  Done!

But weight is lost in the kitchen and not just the gym…so what about my food?  My food was on point!  One day on the weekend I splurged with a donut…but I eat so good the rest of the day that my calories were in check.   And a second day I did go up to about 1500 calories…which when I eat in that caloric range consistently is NOT in lose zone for me. That was a calculated ‘risk’ and planned.  But overall I did great with my food.  I tracked my food before I ate it.  I knew my plan and when the calories were gone, I stopped eating.

So what happened with my weight?   Well I alluded gto the fact that this was a positive post…so yes , I lost.  But the question is this, how much did I lose?     I lost 3.8 pounds!   3.8!  I haven’t lost that much in years!  In the last umpteen years I have been happy with the half pound, or 1 pound losses.  This past week I blew that out of the water.  I nailed a 3.8 pound loss in one week!  

I know that I won’t continue to lose nearly 4 pounds a week.  I may lose that for a week or two, but I fully expect it to settle down and then I’m hoping and planning to lose 2 pounds a week. I am near 250 pounds right now, so that will make weight loss a bit more speedy for a time. As I lose it will go slower but that’s ok. I expect it and I’m ready for it!  But for now…I’ll take a four pound week…and if I repeat it, I would be tickled.  But that said , I’ll be just as happy with a loss of three pounds, or two pounds…or even one pound.  As long as I am heading down on the scales!  I am on my way!!!

Last week I shared my daily banana with Kiwi.  This week I will be sharing kiwi and cherries (pit removed as it is poisonous for birds) with my bird!