Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Best Gadget Ever: Weight Loss/Fitness Tool

For just a bit let’s think about the possibility of a gift that is given to us.  This gift is phenomenal.  For the sake of argument, let’s call it a ‘gadget’.    This gadget or gizmo is better than anything you can imagine.  Seriously!  It helps with EVERYTHING!  If you like to cook, this gadget is the end all be all gadget.  It does almost all the work!  Once you use it, you could NEVER do without.    Cleaning the house?  Oh yeah, this gadget is the bomb for that!  Driving a car?  Impossible without this gadget! Everything and anything you set out to do, this gadget does it all!  NOTHING in life would be the same if you didn’t have this gadget.  Even better, this was a gift that was given to you and you know that it is totally unique and one of a kind.  You were given ONE and you know without a shadow of a doubt that this is the ONLY ONE YOU WILL EVER GET!

How would you take care of this super-duper gadget?  Would you take it outside and leave it unprotected against the elements, allowing it to rust and corrode?  Would you take it with you on a deep sea diving adventure knowing that the electronics were not water proof?  Would you randomly throw it in a corner and say ‘who cares’ and in essence disrespect this wonder gadget until it was damaged beyond repair and  not worth anything?  No, we would take care this fabulous gadget that does everything and is a marvel in engineering  and design.   We would take care of this gadget  like it was the most precious of gold.

This sounds like a really neat fictional gadget doesn’t it?  Seriously, a gadget that can handle virtually any task!   Sign me up because I want one!

Wait…..I already have one!  We all have one!   

Yes, you read that right.  We all already have this gadget.  What is it?   It is our bodies.  Our bodies are amazing things!  It really is the ‘super gadget’.   You aren’t convinced?  Our bodies can create another human life…..amazing!  Our bodies have the capability to think, heal and move.  Our bodies are smarter than we give them credit for.  They communicate to us by telling us when we are tired, hungry and sick.  Our bodies can perform a multitude of tasks and can continue to learn new tasks.  If we stop doing a task and ‘forget’ …when we start back at it our bodies remember the action/task/behavior through muscle memory.  Our bodies are phenomenal!  I could endlessly  come up with things that our bodies are capable of doing.

Our bodies however are non-renewable.  You get one body in your life.  You cannot go out and buy a new one.    So why in the world do we not take care of our bodies as if they were as precious as the super gadget that I wrote about a few paragraphs ago?  We take better care of our cell phones, house, cars and clothes (just to name a few) than we do ourselves!   A while  back Jason was talking about his hermit crabs.  He was eating Doritos and made the comment that he would not give his hermit crabs a piece of his Doritos because of all the bad chemicals and unnatural products.   He recognized and laughed about the total disconnect between the fact that he wouldn’t give a hermit crab (that is a scavenger and eats even rotten foods) his Doritos because they were unhealthy but he was willing to shovel the chips into his own mouth.     He was taking care of a possession better than he was taking care of himself.

There is a lucky thing in the midst of thinking about how we have disrespected our bodies and treated them like an unloved and unappreciated ‘gadget’.  What could be lucky?  Our bodies have an amazing capability to heal and repair from a multitude of damage inflicted upon it.  I have seen people turn their lives around and go from being morbidly obese to running full marathons.  I have witnessed people that were diabetic and having to give themselves shots of insulin and they were able to turn their health and lives around and become free of all insulin and diabetic medication.  Personally I have seen the ravages of arthritis become more manageable in my life with the excess weight off of my joints.  I can’t take it away, it is one of those new renewable things….but a healthy lifestyle has  showed me that my body is capable of accommodating and learning how to work within the confines of this disease called arthritis.  Our bodies can heal from a multitude of ‘disrespect’.  Our bodies can adjust and learn to work with the ravages that years of neglect and disrespect (and accidental issues) have brought to us. 

We can even adjust to different temperatures!   8 degrees yesterday morning......30° this morning! (Brrr yesterday was cold...but I snapped a pic!!)

It is time to start looking at our bodies as the most valuable possession that we will ever own.  We need to treat our bodies like gold.  It is time to treat our bodies with the respect that we give our phones, houses, cars and other possessions.    Our bodies may have problems.  We may have sickness.  They may not be perfect.  But they are what we have and I can guarantee you that they are all we are going to get!  It’s not too late to turn the tide on the care!!!!  Start treating your body with the respect that it deserves!!!