Friday, May 12, 2017

Still curving

I talked about curveballs in my last post......yeah they are still flying at me!    

I'm ashamed to say that some of these curveball have hit and have made me head for the safety and comfort of food!!!!

Last night I got home.  I had picked up some food for dinner and planned on splitting the food between dinner and taking the leftovers for my lunch the next day.   My parents were sitting at the dining room table.  My dad let me in on the updated news of his health before I even sat down.  I ate every bite of food that I had carried into the house. It was easier to eat than to think of the ramifications.     Stress eating at its best.   

I stress ate my way through breakfast too. 

And then mid morning I got control of myself and did ok for lunch.   And then out of nowhere I got hit again.  This time in the form of a full office meeting co-led by the CFO and head of HR.    Changes are happening....big changes!    As in my office will not be a full service branch bank anymore....we will be bare bones/drive through service only.  This will eliminate some people's jobs.  (Mine???). They half heartedly assured us that they have some people retiring so they should be able to find positions for everyone.  But it's not exactly good news for those of us at this branch.  And then beyond our own personal issues with this decision we have to field inquiries...advise customers of this change....try (succeed actually)  to get the safety deposit boxes emptied, etc in the next two months.     Our customers will not be happy.   We are the only bank in's going to be a rough two months.

So thoughts...plans...hopes...wishes and ideas for my future are going through my head.   Pray pray pray!!!! (Yes I'm accepting prayers!!!  Please pray for my future employment!! Because the handwriting on the wall couldn't be any clearer!!!)

I ate a piece of cake when I got home.....then dinner...way too much dinner  .....and why yes I did buy a king size package of Reece's Cups when I bought my Mother's Day card!
I was stuffed after dinner so I am happy to say that the Reece's cups will remain on the end table uneaten (for now!)

So it's been a foodapalooza!!!  And yes I know it's unhealthy.  Yes I know it's bad.    But it happened!  Today I failed at this game called life.