Thursday, July 09, 2015

What in the world????

I did the couch to 5 k before.   The program worked like a charm.   I was dropping weight.  I was toning up and I was able to complete each and every run that the program three at me.    This time is different.   Totally different this time.

I have been stuck on that week five for forever it seems!  I attempted that first 20 minute run the other day (fourth if July) and made it about 15 minutes before I quit and walked.     I repeated the other days and attempted it again this morning.   Once again it did not work!  I walked two or three thirty second intervals and then just totally gave it up and walked the last minute or so of the 20 minutes.    I feel like such a failure!   Why is this not working!   And even more importantly, what in the world am I going to do...I'm committed to running a marathon and I can't even make it 20 minutes!!!!

Is it mental?  Is it my diet?   Is it my extra weight (I have gained in the last 6 months)???   Could be all of them.   But honestly I had gotten myself up to running 6 miles back in early April....I haven't gained that much weight since then!!!  I increased quickly and felt wonderfull!  So why is it not working this time????? plan.

Take Friday off as a rest day and attempt this 30 minutes one more time either Saturday or Sunday.  Maybe drive to the canal and do it on a nice flat shaded path.   Maybe I need to have my rest day and then the next day do my 'long/push it further' runs after that rest day, I just thought '20 minutes that's not much'. (And really I'm discussing this about a measley 20 minute run.....this is embarrassing and sobering!)

If that doesn't work I will be adjusting my training plans.  I will be implementing a walk/run interval plan.  I'll set up the interval timer on my phone and just interval to my hearts content.  I can still build miles in preparation for the half marathon and I can hopefully build the length of my run segments.  Maybe I can get back to running consistently. I know I can do it...I did it in April...I did it last fall.   I know I can do it.  But for some reason right now it's just not happening.  So instead of beating my head against the wall, I'm going to adjust and move on.    I can always adjust my plan again once /if I get over this hump!!!