Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday Tiredness

Ackkk I didn't have time this morning to try to upload the pictures...oh well. Maybe tonight! :-)

Why didn't I have the time this morning to upload a few measly pictures? Well, I actually didn't wake up until just before 8AM. Last night we stayed up late watching the Olympics. Upon getting up we got our breakfasts ready and eaten and then we headed to the gym. I worked myself out pretty hard. I only did cardiovascular today. I really need to get myself back into the strength training stuff. It's been over a week since I did any strength training. NOT good. I can usually stay pretty motivated with the cardio stuff...but for some reason strength training seems to fall by the wayside way too often! What's up with that? But anyway, I got a good hour of high intensity exercise in!

My weight. Well, I knew yesterday that I wasn't drinking enough water. I knew when I went to bed. I knew when I woke up. (my ring was tight....retaining water). So when I stepped onto the scale and saw 1 pound up from where I was yesterday I was not shocked!

I enjoyed my 'free' day of not counting yesterday. I can look back and see that other than the dessert, I was probably not too far over my points. But you know what...I'm not going to officially go back and count. Tis not worth it! (and even the dessert was split in half with my husband!) I'm remembering back to when I first really started to lose weight. I gave myself 'free days'. And upon looking back I realized that when I say free, I didn't give myself permission to eat like a starving pig or to only eat junk food. I gave myself a day of freedom from being really strict with what I was eating. I gave myself the freedom of actually trying to make sure that what i was eating was doable within the budget. I still chose wisely..I just didn't worry about it as much. And you know what...it worked for me. I stopped doing it for whatever now unknown reason....so I've decided to pick it back up! Just to see if it works for me. Who knows if it will..but I think it's worth a try!

Other than that, I'm tired. I just feel sluggish. What's wrong with this picture???