Friday, December 13, 2019

Birthday week

This week was my birthday week.  How in the world can I be 47 years old?  I certainly don’t feel like I’m 47 in my heart and mind,  that’s for sure!  But alas....that is my age and I shall wear it with pride.

But anyway, my birthday week....

We both took some time off work and had a four day weekend, which was heavenly! We  visited family and ran some errands but we also took the time to go away for a short trip.  We went to Lancaster, PA.  It was good to get away!

Jason didn’t know much about the Amish so we went to the Amish Village.

We did the Sturgis Pretzel Tour and learned the history of Sturgis Pretzels...the oldest continuously operating pretzel company.  

We hit up a bunch of antique shops!

I even bought myself a gift...for my dollhouse!

And we did some shopping at a few places....hey a girl needs some shoofly pie....and some Wilbur Chocolate!!

We had a great time!

The problem?  Food....shoofly pie is not exactly low calorie!  Neither is chocolate!   

We went back to work on Wednesday and I was determined to get back on track.  I actually wrapped and froze the rest of the shoofly pie.

But then failed anyway when my coworkers arrived at my desk with this monster piece of cake!

I honestly stared at the cake for an hour or more before I caved and ate it...I was only going to have a few bites (and tried to split it with coworkers) but ended up eating the whole super rich and sugary piece! Oops!

I’m barely hanging onto my weight....and not doing all that well with it....November was rough with a gain...and for December this far I feel like I’m hanging on by a thread with my weight teetering on a ‘maintain’ one day and a ‘gain’ the next day.

I’m determined to live a balance...and this week the balance fell more toward the indulgent side.  While that is not good for my weight, it is the balance that my mind and heart needs.   Furthermore, I know that I can still balance it out by getting right back on track!  all is not lost!!