Friday, September 18, 2020

The monster sized dollhouse

So last weekend I went to pick up my dollhouse and both Jason and I were in for a surprise!   It was huge!  Ii talked a bit about it on my post from Monday    But had some requests to share the dollhouse!  Plus...well it’s my hobby so I like to share!  So here it is!!!

The dollhouse has 7 original rooms and an addition that adds two more rooms on the side.   There is one huge room in the attic and one smaller room under the eaves in the attic.   The second floor has two rooms and a bathroom.  The bottom floor has one large room and one smaller room.  The addition is off to the right in the picture below and adds two additional rooms.

 My current thinking?   The big room downstairs will be a living room.   The smaller room to the right of the steps will be the kitchen and the dining room will be in the downstairs of the addition.   The second floor in the addition will be a library.  The middle room on the second floor will remain a bathroom...and the two other rooms will be bedrooms.   The attic...right now I am leaning toward a craft from for the lady of the house combined with a playroom for the child of the house.   In the room under the eaves...a workshop for the man of the house.   

Other options:
I have toyed with making this a 1920’s era house..and making the addition an doctors office.  

I have toyed with making the addition a music room and library. 

The possibilities are endless ...right now I’m stumped though!!!!   Any ideas...please pass them along!!

I have repaired the shingles...and I have recreated some of the porch rails.  I will paint them and the house and then reinstall them.  (It’s easier to paint before I install!).   

I am thinking of keeping the house gray...but all the trim will be red (or green...Jason likes green).  So the door and window boxes will no longer be yellow...and the shutters will no longer be will be one trim color!

Ideas and thoughts on paint scheme??

So how big is this really???  My McKinley dollhouse was previously my biggest can see that dollhouse dwarfed by this new one in the picture below!!

I am looking forward to the work that I’ll be doing on this house!!! But the is overwhelming our apartment.  I think we need to move!!!!  

So there you have my new purchase!!!!!!!!  Let me know your thoughts!  I would love to hear how this speaks to you!!!