Monday, August 08, 2016 foot

I am absolutely beat!  Even after a night of sleep at home.  I'm also a bit achy!  

My week weight wise has been going ok....I have gotten some walks in....some runs in....and a nice hike in.   

Food's been not bad.    I'm HUNGRY though....running and hiking seem to do that to me!
So, the weather seemed to break just a wee tad Jason and I started walking outside a bit again in the evenings.  YAY!

Running...I ran three times last week.  I laid down a challenge to myself.  In the month of August I will run at least 40 miles.  That is 10 miles a week....(with 2-3 days leftover in case I am behind).  It kept me on target last week.  My first run I went a little over 4 miles.  I knew that if I skipped one of the other two 'easy schedule wise' runs (The mornings when I go into work later meaning I don't have to be up at 5 and outside running in the dark!) that I would struggle to get my 10 miles in.  So I went out every morning that I planned and got in my miles...10.54 miles for the first week....right on target.   

This weekend we were toying with what to do....we WANTED to hike...but we were afraid the weather would prohibit it.  (OK.....only prohibit in the manner that we don't mind being hot and sweaty...but add misery of high humidity and high temps and it just isn't worth it!).   We pondered and hiking won out.   We headed for a trail that was labeled as  moderate 6 miles round trip (with incredible views at the one point). tracker shows that I hiked 10 miles.....take that!   We have hiked a variety of trails....difficult/strenuous...moderate....easy.  In March we hiked in Colonel Denning Park on a 'most difficult' trail I know what they can be.    The difficult/strenuous trails are difficult....don't get me wrong.  But this trail was NOT what I would call moderate.  It's in the section of the A.T. that is 'affectionately' known as the roller coaster.   We hiked a different section of 'the roller coaster' a few weeks back...and I would call that one moderate.   This trail was pretty steep ascents  and descents.....all on rocky terrain.    At the end of the legs were WOBBLY.   I'm going to say it's because we haven't been hiking as much in the last few weeks.  

So the view?   Was it worth the hike?????

And just for the record....we hiked mountains for 4 hours or so.....I was carrying a pack.....and myfitness pal says I burned over 3000 calories!