Tuesday, January 05, 2021

15 years and going strong

15 years ago I was simply doing what I do...journaling my life and writing.   I was carrying around a not book for my weight loss journal and my personal journal and ..all...it was getting to be a lot. But I really wanted to chronicle my weight loss efforts, from the my highest to my lowest.  The ups and downs....everything!

 It was an offhand suggestion that was made to me that sparked this whole Website/blog and eventually even my YouTube channel.   What was that suggestion/comment you ask?   ‘Why don’t you use one of those online journals’. 

The aspect of using an online journal was quite different for me.  I had always used pen and paper.  I even thought about the public aspect of putting my thoughts on the internet.  But I quickly pushed down those concerns about privacy.   Afterall, who was going to find it and read my lowly journal!  I decided to continue my personal journal on paper but to go online with my weight loss journal.   Imagine my surprise when months later I started to receive comments!  But by that time there was no turning back!  I was full steam ahead!  

These last 15 years have been a whirlwind for sure!  I lost a lot of weight and even made it to be a lifetime member of Weight Watchers.

I gained a lot of my weigh back! 

I went through a divorce and I ran a few races...and enjoyed it!  Go figure!

I rode my bike...and cried once or twice.

I fell in love and got engaged

I’m telling you...it’s been a crazy journey!   And what is even crazier, this journey is far from over!  I have a ways to go to get back to my weight goals.   I know that the journey will never be over.  I will have to watch my weight...my food intake and my fitness levels for the rest of my life.   

This website had been instrumental though!   It (and thereby you) are my accountability through this journey.   When I don’t write, the odds that I am off track is great!  The act of coming here a few times each week really keeps me in the game!  I might be struggling but I’m still here and by writing religiously it keeps me from totally giving up!

So on this 15 year anniversary, I would like to thank YOU for support!!!