Saturday, December 15, 2007


Wow....I ate and ate yesterday. I haven't eaten like that in ages! Probably literally at least two years! When I last ate like that, it was a normal occurance. I know that after I started losing weight that I all of a sudden noticed that I wasn't feeling sick and slugish anymore. Well, after eating with no control, I have figured out that it wasn't just my was the kind of food and the amount of food that I was eating on a daily basis. Yes, I felt physically tired, run down, slugish and downright ill after eating like that! I told Todd that while I'm disgusted at what I did, on a personaly basis and disgusted at the weight that I've gained this week (I won't really have a true idea until the ick has moved on), I think I may have needed this eating binge to really see how my body feels when it's been shoved full of stuff like that! Now that I see...I don't ever want to go back to the feeling again!

This morning, as much as I wanted to ignore it, I got myself out of bed and exercised. I had a cup of yogurt for breakfast....I'll eat probably fruit and veggies for lunch. :-) Tonight for dinner we are having fiesta turkey's a pretty good meal. Healthy foods today!

I am also going to the grocery store today. Why...considering we are supposed to get a storm tonight......the stores will be super croweded with everyone buying stuff like mad because of the storm! Crazy...they buy like they will be snowed in for a month of Sundays! But, my refridge is bare. That's because we had vacation and we ate out every meal....that will be fixed by tonight though.