Friday, August 08, 2008

Waiting to see the results of a not so perfect eating day

I did not weigh myself today. I wanted to have a 'good' day before I faced the scales. Mainly because I did not drink my water yesterday. Heck, I didn't even drink 1/4 of my normal water in take. So I'm sure I was probably retaining water....and then food...eii yii yiii

I got a lot of walking in yesterday...and I rode the exercise bike yesterday morning before we that's a good thing. The food choices at that park though. Eii yii yiii. They had hamburgers, hot dogs and pizza. That was about the extent of the choices. Oh yeah, the one place sold apple slices that I could substitute instead of fries. I opted for a cheeseburger.....’twas a small one, but my body is obviously not used to the greasy low quality, highly fatty stuff like that …so while I didn't feel sick after eating, I didn't feel exactly well. ARRGGHHHH. For that reason, at about 6 Todd and I left the park (we were done anyway…and the park started closing down at 6…different sections…ie storybook forest closed at 6….I think raccoon lagoon closed at 7…etc etc etc) and went out to eat away from the park. The only that time I was so hungry that I overdid it.

THEN, on the way home we stopped at one of those big gas station/fast food/convenience store places. They had a Starbucks in there. Well Todd wanted a coffee. They were giving out samples...a Strawberries and cream frappucino. Since it was pink and strawberry flavored so I tried it. YUMMY. I know...crazy because I don’t like coffee flavored drinks. The sample was so good that I bought a normal sized one. I sucked that thing down so fast! Eii yii yii

I woke up this morning and started ripping through the house cleaning it. It's been next to forever since I cleaned the house. It isn’t bad…but I just know that it isn’t up to par. I feel like the last few weeks I have only been home to sleep. Occasionally cook and wash some dishes, but just running running running. The floor desperately needs mopped and the carpets are in dire need of vacuuming. It's terrible! My brother wants to come by to see our new place. I know he wouldn’t care if it were a mess...but I would care. But, halfway through cleaning I realized that we had no milk....and only once slice of bread. So I had to halt the cleaning and figure out my grocery list and run up to Hagerstown to the grocery store. If I was going to run to the store, I figured I may as well do the whole shebang. Why waste the gas to get just the few necessary things and then have to run up again in a day or so to get the rest of the stuff. So I did my weekly trip this morning. Blah...that ruined my morning! AND, I barely had time to get home and put everything away before I had to come to work. I did however squeak in a 30 minute ride this morning. (gotta love twisting my wet hair into a knot on my head...saves the time of blow drying my hair).