Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Worth it!

Am I worth all this work of losing weight? I've talked about it over and over. I've thought about it long and hard. I come up with my response and it's an emphatic YES! I am worth it. Yet, do I ACT like I belive it? I don't think that I do. Why do I say this?

The other day I was home alone and preparing my dinner. I went to the cabinet to see what canned foods that I could pull out for myself. I reached for a can of corn and then I stopped myself. Canned corn is actually icky in comparison to the freshly cut corn from the cob that I freeze for our consumption. I have a freezer shelf full of the good stuff. I would never think of using canned corn in preparing a meal for my husband! I only serve him the good stuff. Why would I therefore revert to the store-bought canned stuff for myself? It really and truely made no sense to me. And yes, I turned around and marched myself to the freezer and I had GOOD corn for my dinner.

Another example that hit me....I spend a decent amount time creating and cooking meals for Todd and I. I enjoy cooking and I enjoy treating him to delicacies that I create. When Todd works in the evening, I do not cook for myself. I throw something together....a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a butter and jelly sandwich, something easy. A big cooking extragavanza for when I'm on my own is making a grilled cheese. That is just plain sad.

So I came to the conclusion this weekend that while I say I'm worth it......I'm not ACTING 100% like I'm worth it.