Saturday, May 09, 2009


Disgusted, whatever about????

Well, lets start with the fact that I woke up early and decided to check my mail. While checking my mail I hopped onto the weather website. I wasn't disgusted about what I saw for sure! The last time I had checked the 10 day forecast they were calling for 3 partly sunny/cloudy days out of the 10. BUT this morning it has changed to 9 partly sunny days out of the 10. That is excellent news. Today is one of the partly sunny days! YIPPEE! I immediately decided to ride my bike to work today! I made the plans, I did everything...and right before I left I double checked the hourly for the day and saw the doom and gloom. Chance of scattered showers in the morning. ARRRGGGHHHH I don't want chance of scattered showers! SOOOOOOO I drove to work. Booooo hoooo hoooey!

Disgusted. Yesterday I slugged myself up those hills. I worked out. I found myself hungry through the day so I did end up dipping into and eating some of my exercise earned food allowance. Not much 150 calories! Sooo woo hoooo, when my weight was up .2 of a pound today there was much much cause for celebration. (note the sarcasm!) Ohh well......stick with it, and the good stuff will happen!

On a brighter note......well...the never ending rain has seemed to have run it's course! In a fwe days the ground will be dry enough to we can FINALLY get our strawberry bed planted, and asparagus and horseradish. All of which are currently residing in my refrigerator, in the crisper drawer!

I'm struggling withhow I feel today. Not so much physically (nope, I'm used to the ache in the shoulder/back and the sinus congestion is still there, but has eased up quite a bit)...but mentally. Today my cup is half empty. I keep telling myself that my mood is my choice. My mood is my choice. Think it will work if I keep saying it????