Friday, January 26, 2018

Learning curve

Let’s see...where to begin.....

My knee.  It still hurts but it is finally scabbed over.  So at least the open wounds are on the way to recovery!  It still hurts to bend...but I think my gait is back to normal...mostly.   Yesterday at work I decided to try the steps.  I made it a few flights up and regretted my decision.   My company does not utilize the lower floors...and my badge only allows me access to my company’s floors and the lobby level.  So there I was a few flights in and debating what would be best on my knee ...climb or descend.   It might have been easier to descend...but I’m tough so I completed my climb!   I’ll try again today...maybe.

I’m giving myself this week for recovery.  Next week it is game on.  ‘It’s only....’. It’s only a few minutes of climbing the steps.  It’s only a few minutes on the bike trainer.  It’s only a few minutes of my time!  No excuses!  (Although an injury was a valid excuse!!). And’s only a few weeks or good eating habits to lose the necessary weight to beat Jason in this current weight loss challenge!!!

My weekly weigh in on Wednesday was a disappointment.   Truly!    I am still down from my New Years weight...(by 1.6). But up from my low the second weigh in if the new year!!!  Right now it is  just not moving.  It’s kind of disgusting to think about!

But I did think about it!!

The first thing I did?  I Pulled out the trusty MyFitnessPal app.  (It was on my phone just unused recently.).  I have since the very beginnng had it set to lose 2 pounds a week.   I am determined to make this weight loss journey a balance.  I do not want to be militant about it.  I want to make this a lifestyle that I can continue forever.   Which means I will indulge in a donut here and there...I will have a breakfast sandwich on the way to work sometimes (today for example..more on that later!). I want to find that magical balance of restriction and indulgence.  So the first thing I did when I opened the app was to go into the settings and my profile.  I changed my goal of losing from 2 pounds a week to 1 pound a week.   That changed my calorie count to  1900.  That number scared I backed it off to 1.5 pounds a week and that changed me to 1600 calories.   And that is from the 1200 figure that I’ve been trying to hit for years.   1600 gives me a bit more freedom and maybe some days I will get 1200 and maybe on the cheat day I may have more......but I feel that 1600 is doable on a daily basis. 

So I have been tracking...and I even went back to Sunday and tracked back that far.  (My cheat weekend day?  Saturday was 1900 and  Sunday was not out of control)

So yesterday on the way to work I was DYING for a Burger King breakfast sandwich (yeah I know...bad!!). I resisted yesterday.  And yes I’m proud of myself because with what we had for dinner I would have been way over.... I barely made my calorie count as it was. But last night we decided upon our dinner for tonight and I know that what I will order is lower calories...and this morning I put my lunch and dinner into the counter and found that caolorie wise I could ‘afford’ the breakfast I wanted.  So I indulged.   And..,,  I will still be in my calorie range!!

My next step is to start to limit my carbs a bit more!!!  I honestly think that’s a huge part of my problem!!!  But that is the  next step...right now I’m settling back into tracking!!!

Regroup...adjust...move forward!