Monday, December 21, 2009


Above and beyond having to deal with all the food and parties during the holiday season we have to struggle with priorities. Life gets really busy and we start to run and take care of everything in preparation for the holidays. My own personal needs get pushed to the sidelines. I don't have time to write in my blog as much. I don't have time to journal my food religiously. I don't have time for me. And that is a disaster waiting to happen in terms of weight loss. Not pretty at all. So here, 4 days before Christmas I am vowing to take care of myself. I may not be able to exercise every day. I may not be able to do everything. But I'm going to be more cognizant of myself and my needs.

I have vowed that after the holidays I'm hopping hot and heavy on the healthy lifestyle again. That does NOT mean that I will be eating like a freakin' starving pig over the next two weeks. It means that I'm going to be watching what I do and taking care of myself. But after the holidays I'll be hitting the gym and going to my weight watcher meetings religiously. No ifs ands of buts!