Monday, August 12, 2019

Keep living and TRUST the healthy living plan

This week is a mixture of emotions.   I had my weigh in on Friday and I was SOOOO not happy with my weight.  Seeing a number that I don't like really makes me want to give up, but that is NOT an option.  So I reviewed the week.  I pondered and I decided upon my course of action.   And honestly, my course of action may surprise some!

So lets get the nasties over with now.......I gained weight last week.
Just imagine me giving a deep sigh right now about showing a gain.

So I sat back and pondered and thought about my week. Honestly, when I thought back to the week that had just passed I could find NO issues with my food for the week.  I was honestly within my calories and eating really healthy options! Limited my carbs....ate near dang perfect.   I allow myself splurges here and there but I hadn't had ANY that week.  The biggest splurge I had was one night when I had some extra calories left in my budget and I had a banana with some peanut butter and chocolate.  I splurged on a a 3 pound gain?  I swear, it wasn't a big banana!

See, my calories were fine...and if I add in my exercise/activity I was MORE than fine.

I rode my bike.  I ran.  I walked every lunch break and every 15 minute break.  I also did yoga at 4:45 in the morning.  Did you get that? IN THE MORNING!  I sacrificed. Oh, and lets not forget the squats...175 a day.    I pushed myself.  I was KILLING it!   And I gained?

~~Another deep sigh~~

So what is my plan of attack?  Nothing but stay the course!   I am doing this the slow way and I am ok with that (really, I am).  I know that this way is the way that is going to set me up for 'forever' in terms of keeping my weight off.  That means that the scales will not always show a loss.  And if I am going to go this route I must accept the weird numbers on the scales.  

Ok, so that is TOM (darn monthly water retention) and all that added activity and sore muscles which means that I was probably retaining water as my muscles worked to heal themselves.  So I KNOW that the muscle thing could be a part of the weight.  Are the muscles I'm gaining outweighing the fat I'm losing?    I wrote about the possibilities  a while back....right here if you are interested.

So, I am doing NOTHING different.  In fact, today is Jason's birthday and I celebrated this weekend with an indulgence of a Cinnabon.   Yes, it was super high in calories.....and yes it was worth it.  And I am ok with it!   It was a one night thing.  I am back on track and don't need a splurge again...maybe next week. (But I'm not interested in Jason's birthday sweet treat that is being made today....he would certainly share it with me....but I already splurged on something that I thought was worth it!)  

Ironically enough... one day this weekend when we rode our bikes I actually had the calories to have a Reece’s Cup (one cup...not a package) and I was so disappointed to find myself full and satisfied after dinner.  Did I shovel the Reece’s Cup into my mouth? No, I want to enjoy it and eating it when I’m already full is not enjoying...that is folish! will be waiting for whenever I have the calories AND when I can appreciate it!!!

So I am NOT changing course.  I am quite ok with what I am doing.  I am living healthy  I'm learning to live in moderation.  I"m learning to manage food.  I am learning to NOT allow food to have a hold over me.  I'm living life but changing at the same time.  I call that a weight loss journey win!