Monday, March 14, 2011

Put it behind me!

Can I put this weekend behind me?  I want to.  I want to move on and forget about everything that has happened. HOWEVER, i'm living with it and my stress levels that I thought were sky high before have just hit an all time new high.

I got off work on Friday afternoon at 2.  Headed home for a quick stop before heading out to attend to my errands.  Interrupted a burgulary in progress.  Yes!   I must have interrupted them at the very beginning because they got very little.  Soooo...Friday afternoon was spent talking to the cops, rounding up my cats (they left my inside cats out) and changing locks on the house. (we have no clue how they got sign of forced entry)    They didn't get much (because I came home what must have been immediately after they got into the house) and what they did take wouldn't be covered because we have a deductible. But I feel totally violated and defiled!

So eating this weekend?   Not good. I've eaten everything AND the kitchen sink!  Trying to reign it in today!!