Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Deepak Chopra and Lopez Lomong

I am reading the book What are you Hungry For?  By Deepak Chopra, MD.  I am doing it in conjunction with a book club/review group that I joined.  It is hosted by Kerstin and Leslie.

This first week we were 'assigned' to read the overview.  As I read the overview I was quite happy with the fact that the author clearly stated that dieting is a bad thing.  Ahhh I'm in 100% agreement!  I'm not on a diet, I'm on a lifestyle change.  

At the very beginning of the overview there were a few 'diet-like' items that were recommended.  
      * eat mostly natural and organic
      * Lower consumption of red meat and try to only eat chicken and turkey
      * Cut back/eliminate processed food
      * Reduce/eliminate alcohol and fermented foods (including cheese)
      * Reduce/eliminate refined sugar
      * Reduce salt intake
      * Get enough sleep
      * Drink lots of water
I was quite ok with most of these  I already eat mostly natural/organic foods.  I already eliminated most processed foods.  I don't eat much meat, I get sleep, limit my salt and drink lots of water.  Refined sugar...eh.   I don't drink alcohol so that was fine...but cheese.  HOLY COW...I can't give up my cheese!     But for the most part, I was on board with his ideas.  So I continued reading.   He talked about awareness eating.  Simply being aware of the food we are putting in our mouths. I can see the validity of this too.  I think we SHOULD be aware of how much processed food and how much sugar and salt we are REALLY consuming.    

The author went on and made a generalized statement.  He stated that a lot of overeating is the result of unfulfillment within us.  Ok then  I can see that.  I know that food for me has many times become a means of fulfillment. I'm lonely...I eat.  I'm tired....I eat. So many different emotions and I eat.  That makes me wonder.    I've been noticing that in general people seem more and more down.   Is that generalized feeling part of the reason that obesity is on the rise?   Hmmm, food for thought....but that's a whole different issue that will bear further thought at a later time right now I just need to fix me  I read on.   But basically the author states that we need to fill ourselves with satisfaction other than food.

The success in this journey is apparently contingent upon getting our bodies impulses in line.   Listening to our bodies and relearning when we are hungry, when we are full.  Our bodies have somehow gotten lost and can no longer recognize the messages.   In essence we need a 'factory reset'.  We need to go back to the beginning and let our bodies tell us what it needs because somewhere along the line we lost the ability to hear those signals.  I've often despaired about this.  I have long known that I can no longer hear those signals.  I've known that I struggle with that elusive signal that lets me know when I'm full.  I also know that I also struggle with the elusive feeling of knowing when I'm REALLY hungry.  I've actually written about it a few times on my blog.....as long ago as 2008 in fact.    The author stated that 'no matter how abused, the body will restore itself".   WOW....that would be AWESOME!

I look forward to continuing this read!!!!

I read another book of interest this week (this one to completion because I couldn't put it down)    Running for my Life by Lopez Lomong.  It was a book that was recommended by Katie at Runs for Cookies.   I couldn't put this book down.  It was an incredible read.  I giggled, I cried and I was awed again at the resilience of humans.  I'm not going to go into the book, but SERIOUSLY read it!!!!!!