Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Off and running...literally and figuratively

I've been doing pretty good with eating the last few days.   I've been on track and my exercise has been spot on.

Yesterday I ran in the morning.

I made it home in time to shower and get to work.  However I found this in my garden.

Now honestly, I don't care that a pheasant was in our garden.  However this is pheasant that my neighbor keeps...penned up.  Notice that the pheasant is in my yard and not penned up. So I ran up the road to our neighbors place (I live in the country...I can't see my neighbors place from mine).  He wasn't home.  Of course.  I checked out the pens of birds...but they looked secure...and if course I couldn't ascertain which pen the escape artist pheasant had originated I jogged back to my place...and just herded the pheasant up toward his own property..hoping that the pheasant would be smart enough to return home and/or that the owner would come home soon.   I got into my house. Sweaty after my run...with 10 minutes till time to leave for work.  Oops.  (Who needs dry hair???)

After running in the morning.  I managed a nice walk on my lunch break.  Only 1.5 mikes but it was movement and I'll take it as a victory.  Zumba was up on deck after work.   Anita tested out the new Zumba step routines.   Oh my word!    Awesome workout!!!!!   I was a hot sweaty mess!!

My weight is still solidly in that 4-5 pound range that my body likes.....But I'm confident that things will change!!

I was messing around on a health based website the other day.  Just for a laugh I put in/updated my goals.  At my current weight....losing two pounds a week...I will be at my doctor approved goal in November of this year.   Lots ofwork involved.  Lots of tough decisions...but you know what???  It's doable and actually quite exciting to me for some reason!!!  I am not going to look more deeply at the reasons that this is exciting to me...(seriously, I have always kept a calculation of how quickly I could get there with the perfect scenarios...meaning no bobbles).   I'm just going to run with the excitement.