Monday, June 19, 2017


I just sat down and entered in my stats for the month.....

It's day 19.....and this for perfection I should have 19 star stickers (for water consumption). 19 smiley face stickers (for tracking) and 19 colored in spaces (indicating an active day)

I've done fairly well with my water drinking!!!  14 out of 19 possible stickers!!!!

Tracking....this should have been a freebie sticker for me each day..but this past Friday I just sorta threw up my hands and while I tracked breakfast and lunch I didn't track dinner! And that started the spiral...I didn't track anything on Saturday or Sunday.   Luckily for me...I tracked today!!!!    16 out of 19 possible stickers!!!

Evercise/activity?   I've done pretty good with that too....
Swimming, biking, running, push mowing and some walks.   15 out of 19 possible colored squares.

Sadly, my weight is not budging.   I'm not focusing on numbers but my calories are at a range where I typically don't lose.  I've learned that a budge of 1800 calories is too many for me.  So I shouldn't be surprised.  The good news?  This is a happy maintain level of food for me...

And even though I'm not focusing on numbers I am at 125 mikes for the month....50 more to get the necessary miles to hold steady in my 2017 on 2017 goal.   I don't think I will make up miles this month but I should be able to not lose ground!!!!

We had another awesome weekend....even though it was hot and muggy!!!!

We rode our bikes on both days. On the canal both days. 


On Saturday we saw a deer with two babies, a snake (which I almost ran over!) and a cool little turtle.

He was hiding!

On Sunday it was hotter and more humid!  We saw more baby deer (two mothers each with a baby....obviously really young based on how it was 'running'), more turtles (in the water) and big old bullfrogs.

We took time to stop and enjoy the nature and surroundings. So yes we stopped to smell the roses! 

And of course I had a kitty cat waiting for me when I got home!!!  
(I actually had two cats waiting actually...Mertz just likes to show her displeasure at my absence by ignoring me....but not Ethel!)

Another good active weekend!!!!