Thursday, July 05, 2018

New habits: eliminate the bad and add the good!

Another one bites the dust....week that is!  Thank heavens it’s Friday!  Woohoo!  Bring on the weekend! This week I focused on building some healthy habits.   I also got in some mid week exercise.  We had a mid week holiday which meant time off work!  It was really hot this week, and that brought about some splurges of ice my weight...well....we will get there.   Let’s  just say that in the grand scheme of things I’m going to call it a good week!

Habits, wow I could write forever about routines and habits.   We all have them.  I do.   My morning routine is exactly the same every day.  I wake up, go to the bathroom, lay out my clothes for the day, go back to the bathroom, turn on the water, weigh myself, shower....same exact order every single day!  That routine/habit isn’t a bad thing.  It is early and I am sometimes half asleep, so the habit is good. But sometimes we have habits that are not so good.  I have written about the sweet treat every night habit that I somehow picked up.  That’s not such a good one!  And I have managed to break the every night routine of getting something sweet....I still indulge but not every night as a rule.

Somehow when I took away the sweet treat habit, I picked up a ‘after work snack’ habit. Usually it’s Cheetos or chips so nothing remotely healthy!  Yeah I jumped right from the frying pan into the fire!  This is a bad habit that I am trying to break.  I have been working in baby steps to eliminate bad habits and begin good habits.  I have worked to combat the closet eating gorge-fest that I was having while Jason was in the shower. Talking to him and letting him know that I do closet eat helped, as does putting my snack into a bowl and leaving the kitchen.  So that was a break in the routine and a change of a habit.   That’s a victory!   But next up is breaking that snack after work routine.  I don’t REALLY need a snack!  Stay tuned for another victory as I break that habit!

The daily multivitamin habit that I started a few weeks ago is going well.  I do not believe that I have missed any day as of yet!  It has become part of my mindless morning routine!  VICTORY!

The next habit to work on has been begun!   A few months ago Jason and I talked about upper body strength and core strength.  We vowed to do push ups and planks every night.  I remembered for two...maybe three nights before I totally forgot!   It was an utter failure. Fast forward to last weekend.  I saw an article about planks.  I decided it was time to try to rebuild this habit/routine.  I immediately linked the article to my Facebook page and did something else that was bound to make me successful.   I set an alarm on my phone, set to go off each and every evening.  I tried to chose a good time that I wouldn’t be eating dinner, or cooking dinner, or already wiped out and half asleep.  And each night when that alarm has gone off I’ve gotten up off the couch and done my planks..standard, side and even some push ups.   My core strength and arm strength is weak...but that is bound to change!!!  Building healthy habits!!

Heat and weigh in
As I mentioned earlier, we have been in high heat and high humidity weather.   That makes me want ice cream!!!  It makes me want cold stuff!   So I have indulged  a few times.  This has affected my weigh in. It wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but I definitely didn’t do as well as I wanted!  I weighed in this morning at......

 That said, it’s been hot and while I’ve been drinking lots of water, I wake up thirsty....which tells me I still need more water!  And of course the monthly female ick has come and that causes water retention for me also.  So I’m not going to stress my weigh in this week!

Fourth of July Holiday
We had the Fourth of July holiday mid week.  That meant a day off of work for both of us.   It was hot. We stayed inside for much of the day.  However, we really wanted to do ‘something’ so we did drag ourselves out into the heat for a bit.  What did we chose to do? We went to the Monocacy Battlefield.  We enjoyed the nice cool visitor center and museum.  They have some walking trails that we decided to forego until the fall. (We now live close to this battlefield, so doing the trails this fall is not out of the realm of true possibility.). We opted for the driving tour instead.  We did get out of the car at each location to walk around a bit...

It was hot and a when we finished the car tour we hightailed it home to our wonderfully cool apartment!  It was a good way to spend a hot holiday!