Thursday, November 29, 2007

Weigh in results and further damage?

I went to my weigh in, stepped on the scales and low and behold I gained a pound. Quite disappointing. Everyone but ONE other person at my meeting posted losses. SO that was discouraging...especially when they mentioned that they imbibed in the desserts a few times. I ate really good and what did it get me???? Oh well. I will continue to plod along!

Yesterday morning I woke up and was in the throes of my morning exercise when I thought about a treat for Todd. He's been sick for a few days and was feeling better. I had been planning on dragging him around while I finished Christmas shopping. So what better way to treat him than at Panera bread for a breakfast bagel. I don't normally imbibe in their bagels as they are HIGH HIGH HIGH points. (much more than I normally use for breakfast). He jumped at that offer. I cautioned him that I would take a snack for us in case our shopping carried us past the lunch hour. That way we could hold off until we got home to eat our lunch. Well, I'm PROUD to say that I finished my Christmas shopping! WOO HOOO! Lunchtime rolled around and we were hungry. We still had a $10 comp coupon for Longhorn Steakhouse to use. Yep, we decided to go there and get salads and soup. (I actually got a sweet potato instead of soup). So there goes round two of eating out....not to mention about 20 of my daily points for the day (out of 24....dinner wasn't looking good.) Oh wait did I remember to mention that I was doing a mystery shop at a restaurant that evening at 7PM? NO.....well, the mystery shop had specific regulations about what we had to order. We had to order at least one non-alcoholic drink. No problem, Todd always gets iced tea and I always get water. We had to order two entrees. Once again...not to much of a problem....I rarely get an entree and instead chose a lighter dish...but the entree would still be manageable. BUT, we also had to order an appetizer to share. appetizer. We ordered buffalo wings. Just split. So it wasn't THAT bad. For my entree I got a 10 spice chicken, with parsley butter on top, garlic mashed potatoes and steamed veggies. It was all very yummy. But, with only 4 points left for the day...WAY over my allowance!

Oh yes, yesterday...while I did drink with every meal, (a bottle of water with breakfast, two glasses at lunch and three at dinner) I was still lacking in my water consumption.

I actually debated on the whole get on the scales thing this morning. But I did it. I was surprised to see that I was only up 1 pound!!! Not bad....especially since knowing that the water issue alone can cause me to retain a pound or so!!!!

We had to run to the store to pick up cat liter (bad me, I forget it when I went shopping the other day). I picked up three packs of gum! I plan on chewing it heavily here soon when I'm baking. Yes, we are attending a few parties this weekend. AND for two of them I'm taking desserts! So I'll be baking and all that! The gum will be in my mouth the whole time!!! That and I'll be praying to be able to refrain from trying each bite!!!

Did I mention that my Christmas shopping is DONE! Well...we got home yesterday afternoon and I pulled out the wrapping supplies. EVERYTHING is not only bought...but wrapped! I'm going to take it up to mom's house to store. She has the room and that's where it will be needed on Christmas morning!!! WOOOO HOOOO!

I picked up a few new books at the bookstore yesterday. The one is called Mindless Eating. I'm fascinated thus far. It is going into depth, using research data that shows how things in our society influences how much and what we eat. I also got one that talks about the mindset and the shift in mindset from being an overweight person to someone that is no longer over-weight. I know that I have a problem with this. I still find myself in the 'overweight' mindset. It freaks Todd out...because he's like "that's how anorexics and bulimics are created". I honestly don't think that will happen to me....but it is scary.

One thing...I get so disgusts about how long this weight is taking to come off.....well this morning I was reading and this is what I came across. The actual body of the book had this statement " It's estimated that over 95% of all people who lose weight on a diet gain it back." It had an end note, so I flipped back to see what else was there...and this is what was written as the end note. "The speed at which you gain weight after going off a diet is almost always directly related to the speed you lost the weight to begin with. If you miraculously lose 10 pounds in two days, with the new Celebrity Fad Diet, you're more likely to miraculously gain it back almost as fast". Yes, I know that I'm not on a diet...and this is more of a lifestyle change. But it's still the same premise for me if I would substitute the words 'after going off a diet' with "when I'm done losing"

The other thing that really hit me is that the author talked about volume versus calories. We as humans work on volume of food and not calories. The caloric count does not affect our hunger and relative satisfaction....the volume of food does! They actually talked about a making two smoothies. Beating/aerating the one so it looked bigger and leaving the other one looking smaller...even though it was the exact same portion size. EVERY TIME, the people that got the aerated one (the big looking one) said they were fuller and ate less at the following meal because of their 'big' smoothie! Crazy.....

It just reinforces my belief that this weight loss is a total mind game!!!!!

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