Friday, January 15, 2016

Fried Friday Ramblings

Excuse's Friday and I'm sitting here wanting to be ANYWHERE other than at work (yes, I am allowed to do this in my downtime between customers!)!   Anyway, with a Friday Fried mind, I will probably ramble!

The other day I was putting on my shoe.  It was a slip on shoe....I wiggled my foot to get it seated properly in the shoe and OUCH....the ankle screamed at me.   I took it easy and moved on.  Yesterday when I was getting out of my car I pushed and twisted to get out and screamed at me again.   So when it came time to run this morning.....I passed it up.   I hate to do it, but I am looking for health and running on a foot that is NOT up to par is NOT the way to do it!

 The Hagerstown 100 Miler was a huge consideration for me when I was contemplating to run or not this morning.  I don't want to get behind the 8 ball in terms of my mileage.   But that said, I actually was above my mileage for last week, so if I can get in a mile or two of walking this weekend I should be OK.    

What was my mileage for week one?   A few hours of hiking/walking on the C&O canal one day helped boost my numbers.  I completed 11.44 miles last week.   Not too shabby.   And knowing that I did that last week...I can mostly  rest my ankle this upcoming week.  In fact, I only need to complete 2.56 miles to stay caught up with my needed miles.  PIECE OF CAKE!  

My weight had dropped a bit this morning.   I think some of my weight issues at my official weigh in on Wednesday was due to water retention.  Way TMI, but your gonna get it anyway......I peed like a race horse yesterday.   Like literally every 30-40 minutes.  ha ha ha  That is a good sign...means I'm not retaining as much water anymore!

And a final picture of how I operate with my kitties!!!!