Monday, October 11, 2021

A confession: I have been keeping a huge secret!!!

 Soooo I have been keeping a secret!  A HUGE secret!   This secret was the biggest one I kept and it about near killed me!   Seriously!  I didn't tell my sister in law.  IN fact I lied by omission and ok, kinda lied flat out to them to keep this secret!  I have apologized and since let them in on the secret!!!

What is the secret??????    IF you want to watch the video and figure it out....follow the link here! (But don't worry if you don't want to watch the video....I'll tell you below!)

THere have been hints!    I set up a goal to lose weight by a certain date....12 weeks out.  That was my 12 week mark from my wedding!  I wanted to get to the weight that I was when I met Jason.  (which I didn't reach, but I was closer than I was when I started).

I even shared the dress that I bought for this special event!!  I called it a Frugal Find....and it was frugal but it was much more important that being a frugal find!

Jason and I planned it out and we got married!  Yes.  I got married on October 3rd of this year!    NO one seemed to have a clue in our families!   And we kept it a secret the whole way through our vacation and waited until we got home to share the news with anyone!!!!!!